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Celebrity Twins: Bill And Tom Kaulitz

Jul 10, 2018

Bill and Tom Kaulitz are the hot emo rockers from Tokio Hotel. Check em out on Kidzworld’s Celebrity Twins!

Growing up in Madgeberg, Germany, Bill and Tom Kaulitz always knew they’d be playing music together. In fact, Bill and Tom started writing songs together when they were only seven years old! Then at the age of ten, the twins began performing live under the name Black Question Mark.

Tokio Hotel

But Tokio Hotel didn’t become a band until the twins turned 12. That’s when the twins met Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer. The two future members of Tokio Hotel (although the band’s original name was Devilish) were watching Bill and Tom’s performance—and they liked what they saw! Georg and Gustav offered to join the band and the rest is history.

Style Icons

The twin brothers are identical but sometimes it’s hard to tell because they both have such unique styles!

Tom likes to sport a hip-hop style. He often wears baggy jeans, oversized hats and a bandana tied around his long dreadlocks.

Bill prefers a more feminine look. He wears dark eyeliner and keeps his hair long and spiky like an anime character. Bill is crazy about fashion! He designs his own stage costumes, collects suspenders and had hundreds of jackets in his closet! Bill is so fashionable that international top designers Dsquared2 chose him to open and close their Fall/Winter 2010 fashion show.

What's Next For Tokio?

Bill and Tom will be touring Europe with Tokio Hotel in support of their latest 2009 release, Humanoid. They’ll be hitting over thirty cities and they’re holding a contest to become the official Tokio Hotel Tour Reporter! If you win you’ll be whisked away to one of their shows—and you’ll get to meet and interview them! Check out the official Tokio Hotel website for all the details.

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