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A Timeless Royal Legacy: Princess Tiana & Prince Naveen Join Disney Royalty!

Aug 06, 2020

In celebration of the upcoming release of The Princess And The Frog on DVD March 16, 2010, watch as Princess Tiana & Prince Naveen join the timeless legacy of Disney Royalty!

1937: The gentle sweetness of Snow White draws her handsome Prince to her side.


Snow White

1950: Cinderella’s goodness transfixes her Prince Charming at first sight.



1959: Princess Aurora’s melodious voice captivates the the dragon fighting Prince Phillip.


Princess Aurora

1989: Princess Ariel’s kindness engulfs the heart of Prince Eric.


Princess Ariel

1991: The gentle beauty of Belle enchants her Prince, The Beast.


The Beast

1992: Love of adventure binds Princess Jasmine to her Prince Aladdin.


Princess Jasmine

1995: The wise and gentle nature of Pocahontas mystifies Captain John Smith.



1998: Mulan’s selfless bravery captivates the heroic Captain Li Shang.


Captain Li Shang
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