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Darius Miles

Oct 04, 2016

Imagine one day you're hanging out in science class, watching the clock, waiting for the bell to ring...and the very next day you're guarding Karl Malone in front of thousands of people at an NBA game. Well, that's almost what happened to 19 year old Darius Miles. Darius just graduated from high school in East St. Louis, Illinois in June. And just four months later, he was playing for the LA Clippers in a game against the Utah Jazz. Darius was picked 3rd overall in the June NBA Draft - the highest a high school player has ever been drafted.

Miles says he models his game after NBA All Star, Kevin Garnett. And this guy certainly has game. NBA Scouts say he's a "five-tool player", meaning he can pass, score, rebound, handle the ball and play defense. The 6 foot 9 Miles really started to get the attention of scouts in 1998 when he played for the U.S. basketball team at the World Youth Games in Moscow, Russia. He considered going to college before heading to the NBA. But he knew he was good enough to jump directly into the pros and when the LA Clippers are going to pay you millions of dollars a year, who needs college? Finally, the Clippers may be worth watching.

Other facts about Darius Miles

His mother, Ethel, drove a school bus in East St. Louis where Darius grew up.

Darius's hometown buddy, Quentin "Q" Richardson also plays for the Clippers.

Many say Darius will be the next Tracy McGrady, a player who was also drafted out of high school.

Quote: "So many people have been shot at places I played basketball, it ain't even funny" - Darius Miles talking about the area where he grew up.

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