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So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 Ep. 4

Jun 09, 2010

Last week on So You Think You Can Dance, the dancers headed to Las Vegas where they competed for 1 of only 10 spots on this season’s show. By the end of the episode, the number of remaining contestants had dwindled to only 58.

This week the competition became even tougher, as the dancers performed Broadway, followed by group routines. Nearly all the dancers held their own in the Broadway round. But the group dances were more a struggle. The dancers stayed up into the early morning hours creating their routines, some working well together, and others butting heads. When it was time to perform for the judges, some groups cracked under the pressure and lack of sleep. One group that had the potential to be the best really fell short. But the judges saw so much promise in the individual dancers that they kept them around.

The week ended with 24 dancers. Each contestant performed their solo routines one last time to remind the judges why they deserved to be in the competition. Then they returned to their hometowns. The judges announced the Top 10 a little differently this year. Instead of having the contestants greet the panel of judges one at a time, the judges split up and traveled to many of the contestants hometowns. With so many unbelievable talents, the judges had a hard time narrowing it down. So instead of a Top 10, they kept 6 boys and created a Top 11!

So which of the 24 contestants made it into the Top 11?

Top 11

  • Lauren Froderman (18)
  • Jose Ruiz (21)
  • Ashley Galvan (19)
  • Alex Wong (23)
  • Alexie Agdeppa (26)
  • Kent Boyd (18)
  • Cristina Santana (24)
  • Adechike Torbert (23)
  • Melinda Sullivan (22)
  • Robert Roldan (19)
  • Billy Bell (20)

Next week, the competition begins as the Top 11 partner up with all-stars from seasons past.

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