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World Cup 2010: Landon to Round 2

Jun 22, 2010

Seconds away from being eliminated, Landon Donovan scores the game's only goal and USA is advancing to the next round at the World Cup in South Africa. As England beat Slovenia 1-0, the Americans needed to win their game against Algeria. It was 0-0 for the whole game, but finally in the 91st minute Landon scores the dramatic goal saving team USA and they are through to round 2.

Clint's Clean Cut won't Count

Clint's Close CallClint's Close Call

The Americans dominated this game. They even scored another good goal that was disallowed from an offside call on Clint Dempsey as he cut in behind the goaltender and received a perfect pass that he deflected into the net. It was close but on the replay, it shows that the Americans were denied another clean goal. USA was also denied a good goal against Slovenia that robbed them of two points, so they were almost robbed of 4 points as this game almost ended in a draw… almost.

Fast & Furious Final Seconds

Last Second LandonLast Second Landon

The game came down to a showdown in the final few moments with both Algeria and the Americans going all out to score. Both teams needed the win to advance and a draw would eliminate both teams. Back and forth, chances at both ends finally ended with Algeria caught in an all-out-attack, the Americans counter-attacked with full out 5 man fast break. Landon scored the goal as he picked up a lucky rebound that came off the Algerian goalie directly to him in front of a wide-open net. No offence to Landon, but even my mom could have scored that goal!

Round 2 Red White and Blue

USA VuvuzelaUSA Vuvuzela

So USA actually win group C and England finishes 2nd place. The Americans will get to play the 2nd place team of group D that could be Germany, Ghana, Serbia or even Australia. But USA looks good… really good and they look good enough to take on any team with the tremendous momentum they have built with these last-second heroics.

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