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So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 :: Top 10

Jun 23, 2010

This week on So You Think You Can Dance, the Top 10 contestants drew new partners and new dance styles. Some dancers lucked out, drawing styles that were similar to their own. But others, like Billy Bell, were totally out of their element.

The Performances

  • First up was Cristina. She and Pasha performed a Jean Marc Paso Doble. Nigel said Cristina gave everything that the dance required—passion, [kwlink19036]fire[/kwlink] and control.

  • Next Adechike teamed up with Allison for a Mandy Moore contemporary piece. The judges said his performance was a huge improvement over last week, but they still had a few critiques.

  • Alex and all-star Lauren performed a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. As far as technique goes, Alex nailed it (as always), but the judges felt he needed a little more power.

  • Ashley and Mark drew a Travis Wall jazz piece. Unfortunately, the choreographer missed his mark on this one. The dance was completely contemporary! And the piece had too many lifts and not enough pauses for the audience to catch their breath.

  • Next, poor Billy drew Comfort’s name. And with her came Krump, the roughest, toughest, get-your-body-into-the-ground dance style. He gave his best effort, but the judges were still quite harsh. Adam called it a bad experiment.

  • Robert teamed up with Anya for an Argentine Tango. The judges had split opinions about his performance. Nigel loved him. Mia…not so much.

  • Tapper Melinda and all-star Ade performed a Stacey Tookey contemporary piece. It was about the beauty of the Earth being destroyed. The judges were impressed. For a tapper, she had great lines.

  • Jose and Kathryn performed a Bollywood number that the judges said was “totally wrong.” But he looked like he was having fun doing it. That should count for something…right?

  • Lauren and Dominic danced a hip-hop routine about an abusive relationship. It was a good performance, but the judges wanted to see less steps and more story.

  • Finally, Kent had to find his sexy side for his Tyce Diorio jazz routine with all-star Courtney. Unfortunately, Kent’s own personality overshadowed the character he was trying to play. Better luck next time Kent!
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