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Weblings :: Free Game Review

Reviewed by on Jun 25, 2010
Rating: 3 Star Rating

There is more things to discover on the internet than you think! See how Weblings can add some spice to web surfing!

Weblings is a free to play online game that makes browsing the internet into a mini-game. Bring a team of Weblings along with you as you surf the web and you might bump into bugs and other creatures to battle. Defeat them to earn items for your haven and tokens that can be used to create more Weblings for your team!

Webling Wurl

On the actual Weblings website itself, you can access your haven, which is your house in the Webling's universe. You can buy or find furniture for the house and also manage your team's battle deck. Buying things in the marketplace will cost Wurlbucks, which can be bought with real money.

Once a day, you can set off on an adventure. The site will take you to three real websites and ask you a question. The answer can be found by browsing the site. If you complete the quest, then you'll get some nice prizes.

You can also earn things by battling and exploring. When you hit the explore button, you will be taken to a different site and a creature will appear, ready to fight. Every creatures has a resistance and a weakness to a different type: Celebrity, Music, Food, Popular, Science and Tech, Family, and Recreation. Choose your Webling appropriately from your battle deck and watch them duke it out automatically.

Worth a Look

Right now there isn't much to do except managing your team and battling. There are still some annoying things, like needing to click a lot of times when buying things or making a new Webling. However, it is fun to try out when you are bored. All the websites that you see when you explore are real websites and you can check them out after you finish a battle. You can even control what kind of websites pop up when you explore by changing the settings.


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