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America's Got Talent Season 5 Episode 8

Jun 30, 2010

This week, the judges of America’s Got Talent were impressed with the Chicago auditions. The show didn’t start strong, however. The first contestant shoved a toothpick up his nose to try and make himself sneeze. Howie, being a germaphobe, was out of his seat and moving deep into the audience before you could say “A-choo!” And guess what?! The guy didn’t even make himself sneeze.

The Talented

Then the real talents started to roll in. We saw Striker’s All Stars Dance Group, who had some never-before-seen dance moves; the Gentlemen of NUCO, who put a new spin on classical music by performing Since You Been Gone; Naishan James, a b-boy; a hula hooping gymnast; “The Strong Man” who curled a frying pan into a burrito like it was, well, a burrito!

The Less Talented

Next came some disappointing acts by people who looked like they were ready to wow the crowd—a magician called The Spellbinder, who did nothing more than make hanky dance (did he put a little boogie in it? I guess we’ll never know); and a girl who came out on stage in a bubble and simply fell down a lot.

The Unexpected Talent

The “wow” performance of the night came from 24 year old Carlos Aponte, who traveled all the way from Puerto Rico to try out. He spoke very little English and he was very nervous when he stepped on stage. But the moment he began singing a Spanish Opera song, chills ran through the audience. Howie said that this was the kind of unexpected fantastic moment he’s been hoping he’d experience on the show. After he received three yeses, Carlos stood there watching the audience cheer for him, soaking it all in.

The Timid Talent

Last was Debra Romer, a 21 year old waitress who played the guitar will singing Sarah McLachlan’s “Arms of an Angel.” The judges almost didn’t put her through because she was so timid on stage. But with a little convincing, she won two of three votes.

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