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So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 :: Top 8

Jul 09, 2010

This week on So You Think You Can Dance, the top 8 performed one routine with an all-star and another with a contestant. Unfortunately, this season’s superstar Alex Wong injured his Achilles tendon in rehearsal, and was unable to perform.

  • Lauren performed a Cha-Cha with Pasha. The judges called it smoldering and even Mia called it hot.

  • Jose and all-star Lauren performed contemporary. Again the judges said his personality makes up for his lack of dancing ability. But isn’t this show about being able to dance?? Sheesh.

  • Kent joined Comfort for a hip-hop routine. The judges saw growth in him this week because he performed small instead of over-the-top.

  • Adechike and Courtney performed a jazz routine. The judges’ opinions were mixed. Nigel liked it. Mia didn’t.

  • Billy was supposed to perform a Broadway number with Allison. But an injury sent her to the hospital. She was replaced by a new all-star, Katie. Nigel said it was beautiful to watch. And Mia even called it “fabuliscious.”

  • Ashley and Dominic hit the stage with some hip-hop. Mia said she danced it hardcore like a ninja. Adam said she’s in this to win this.

  • Robert and Kathryn performed a jazz routine in which they were Barbie dolls. The judges don’t understand why he’s in the bottom three all the time. He’s the hardest working dancer on the show.

  • Adechike and Alex were supposed to perform Bollywood, but after Alex’s injury, he was replaced by Nakul’s assistant, Marla. The judges said it was too much like African jazz. Mia said she missed Alex, a huge burn to Adechike.

  • Kent and Lauren performed a very personal contemporary routine which they ended with a kiss. Nigel said he saw the heart in Lauren. Adam felt embarrassed because it was too intimate to watch, which for dancers is a great compliment.

  • Robert and Ashley attempted the dreaded Quickstep. Nigel said there were some technical difficulties, but their characters and performance was there.
  • Billy and Jose rounded up the night with an African Jazz routine. The judges thought it wasn’t powerful enough.

This week, Robert climbed out of the bottom three, leaving Ashley, Billy and Alex in danger. But Alex’s injuries were too great to keep his place in the competition.

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