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Lauren Legato’s Favorite Things

Jul 09, 2010

We got the inside scoop from up-and-coming musical star Lauren Legato about A Few of Her Favorite Things (hint: she lists a certain video website, a yummy dessert and a city that never sleeps among her all-time fave items)!

No. 8: YouTube

Why Lauren Loves It: I totally love YouTube. It's a great way for me to show everyone my music and my talent through making videos. It allows me to be creative and free. Not only this, but YouTube is becoming like Google! You can find absolutely ANYTHING on YouTube. You can learn to cook, drive, play an instrument, sing, do your hair...anything at all. For this reason...YouTube is certainly one of my FAVORITE THINGS.


No. 7: American Apparel Cotton Spandex Dress

Why Lauren Loves It: So I'm sure you've seen this piece before...ESPECIALLY if you live in New York. This dress is so awesome. It's plain and simple but you can do so much with it. You can dress it up with heels, dress it down with flats or boots, and it can be appropriate for any occasion (besides church maybe). When I found this dress for the first time 2 years ago I was so happy because I don't like wearing patterns anyway and because it's so simple you can totally twist it to match your style. It comes in a whole bunch of colors and I think one day I will have every single color. It hugs your body but not in such a way that it looks sleazy. This is a MUST-HAVE. If you want to purchase it, go to your local American Apparel or order it online at www.americanapparel.com!!!

American Apparel Cotton Spandex DressAmerican Apparel Cotton Spandex Dress

No. 6: Cold Stone Creamery

Why Lauren Loves It: OK, so if you follow me on Twitter you know that I can't go very long without visiting Cold Stone for ice cream. Their ice cream is just amazing...I don't know how else to describe it. Every time I go I get strawberry ice cream mixed with cake batter ice cream with gummy bears on top. OMG YUMMM!!! If you haven't tried it...you must. It's so amazing I love it! Cold Stone ice cream will always be one of my favorite things!

Cold Stone CreameryCold Stone Creamery

No. 5: Rugged/Military-Style Boots

Why Lauren Loves It: I have a pair of these, and they have definitely become my favorite item in my closet. I have so many pairs of shoes but always choose to wear these because they look so amazing with everything! I can't tell you how many compliments I get on these boots and people asking me where I got them. I wear them with skinny jeans, with skirts, with dresses...and they always seem to add the perfect touch. But the best part about these boots is that since they are made to already look rugged, if they get dirty or you scratch them up a bit...they look even BETTER! I hope I have these boots forever...they are one of my favorite things.

Combat BootsCombat Boots

No. 4: VO5 Moisture Milks Conditioner

Why Lauren Loves It: So...one time I was on YOUTUBE ;-) and a hair guru strongly recommended this conditioner both as a conditioner to wash out and a moisturizer to leave in. Now...being that it only costs ONE DOLLAR...yes...ONE DOLLAR....I was a little skeptical about how good it could really be. But let me tell you about this conditioner. It's really light so it works amazing as a daily moisturizer for your hair and when you use it as a regular conditioner to wash out, it makes your hair so light and soft. I absolutely love it. It's cheap but the outcome is priceless. VO5 Moisture Milks...I love you! You are one of my favorite things.

VO5 Moisture Milks ConditionerVO5 Moisture Milks Conditioner

No. 3: SpongeBob SquarePants

Why Lauren Loves It: This is my favorite television show by FAR. I can seriously watch this show all day and all night. It's hilarious. Most people think it's annoying but in order to like it you have to really watch it and listen to it. It's a children's show but it has a lot of young adult and adult appeal...trust me! When I wake up to SpongeBob I'm so happy. I remember when I saw SpongeBob airing on MTV I was like, yeah, this is officially the greatest show ever. It's a must-see! SpongeBob SquarePants is not only one of my favorite things but he's definitely my favorite sponge who lives in a pineapple....under the sea! (I know so many of those…lol).

SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob SquarePants

No. 2: Argan Oil

Why Lauren Loves It: This product has become increasingly popular over the past couple months and it's NO surprise why. This oil is really light and thin and it smells heavenly. It noticeably adds sheen to your hair and makes it very, very soft. It's not like most oils which weigh down your hair and make it piece-y. You can use it on both wet hair and dry hair. This product was also recommended to me through a YouTube video. Wow...go YouTube!!! Argan Oil, which is sitting on the counter right next to me...is one of my (and my Mom's) favorite things.

Argan OilArgan Oil

No. 1: New York City

Why Lauren Loves It: I'm pretty sure I have this favorite thing in common with millions of people. New York City is a city like no other in the world. There's fashion, there's music, there's food, there's sports, there's fun, and there's TONS AND TONS of people. Manhattan is a place where you can find anything. There is nobody that doesn't fit in so the freedom you get it just incredible. I have the city to thank for so much of my inspiration. I love this city...and I'm sure you do too! New York City is one of my favorite favorite favorite favorite things!

New York, New YorkNew York, New York

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