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Sassy Straps Review

Aug 23, 2010

It used to be that showing your bra strap was not good fashion form. Not anymore! New Sassy Straps from a company called Braza sent over some samples for us to test out … and we must say, the cool designs, hot colors and pretty embellishments make it easy not to worry about showing a bra strap or two once in a while!

Strap Sensation

Word on the street (and the red carpet) is that embellished bra straps are the latest gotta-have-it accessory for fashion-forward divas. With Sassy Straps, girls can finally wear clothing with confidence – meaning, no more embarrassment if one of your bra straps accidentally shows!

Stylish Solution

Basically what you do is attach whichever pretty Sassy Straps you feel like wearing to your convertible or strapless bra – any of these types of bras will work as long as they have strap loops or tabs already built in. Or, you can take a regular bra, cut off the elastic straps (make sure you leave at least an inch of each strap, front and back), make a loop and sew back together – presto! You’ve made a convertible bra that can now be made more fashionable with Sassy Straps!

Fully Fashionable

Sassy Straps come in lots of different styles and colors, and with different types of embellishments, too. Mini pearls, solid colors, rhinestones, flowers and many, many more styles and colors to choose from mean you can change up your look any time you want to!

Get it now: www.braza-bra.com.

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