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This Week In Sports :: Cali Clash!

Sep 10, 2010

Finally, a lot is happening in this week in sports. I love September! Everything is starting back up again, so let’s take a peak at the major events.

The Clash of California


It’s the North vs the South in an all out showdown in California. The San Diego Padres are about to be run over by the San Francisco Giants this weekend. The Giants are only one game back behind the Padres and here’s San Fran’s big shot to claim 1st place in the West of the National League and get into the playoffs!

Saints Still Marching

Swimming SaintsSwimming Saints

The New Orleans Saints stopped Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings in a defensive battle of the first game of the NFL Season. Everyone was expecting and all-out shootout between Brett and Saints QB Drew Brees. Nope… 14-9 Saints.

US Open Semi-Finals

Fedex This!Fedex This!

There’s not much of a surprise who are the Final Four at the US Open. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will probably face each other again as both of them are cruising without any speed bumps. Roger hasn’t lost a set yet, and Rafa looks like he has solved his problem with the swirling winds of New York City.

Motown Modano

Motown ModanoMotown Modano

As the NHL prepares for another season, so will Mike Modano. He’s 40 years old and he played almost every game with the Dallas Stars, and now he’s off to Detroit to join the old and experienced Red Wings. A little more experience never hurts… I guess?

Basketball Blow-Out


USA is only two wins away from capturing the FIBA World Title of basketball. They have simply cruised through this tournament without a loss and no one can handle the play of Kevin Durant and Chauncey Billups. Wow, what would happen if the Miami Heat was playing in the tournament?

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