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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Sep 27, 2010

Nate’s new love interest, Juliet, is causing quite a stir in Serena’s life. As head of a prestigious college club, she only allows Blair to join, claiming that there’s only one key left and Serena didn’t make the list. She feeds Serena and Blair different information, hoping to break up their friendship. But what is her motive if not jealousy?

Meanwhile, Chuck returns home with a less than welcome reception from his family, making it difficult to introduce his new girlfriend. Vanessa volunteers to move in with Dan and help raise the baby. But their plans change when Georgina returns home with an outrageous story about someone wanting to murder her. But long story short, she wants her baby back.

Gossip Girl “The Ungergraduates” Fashion

While trekking through the rain, Blair sports a multi-patterned outfit that may not break the bank. Well, at least the skirt won’t. It’s a floral Fall 2010 JC Penny I Heart Charlotte Ronson skirt and it retails for only $25! But she adds some cha-ching to the outfit with her $230 LAI Paris Tote.

BlairBlair - Gossip Girl

Serena gets dolled up this episode in a black and white Jenny Packham Fall 2010 dress, and Rachel Blue Young Sparkle Pumps that almost (but not quite) match the sparkly blue accents on her dress.

Serena Serena - Gossip Girl

Blair sparkles like diamonds in her Valentino Pre-Fall Twist-Detail Sequined Tunic Dress. Well, it may as well be diamonds because the dress costs $6,900!

BlairBlair - Gossip Girl

Chuck’s new girlfriend, Eva, (you may remember her as Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter in the Goblet of Fire), tries on a stunning long Carlos Miele Spring 2010 dress.

Eva Serena - Gossip Girl

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