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90210 Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Sep 27, 2010

Just when you thought the drama couldn’t get any more intense, 90210 season 3 delivers. In episode 3, Annie is starting to feel a little uncomfortable with her internship. Her female boss keeps commenting on her perfect teeth and her great body, and she can’t help but wonder, “Does she have a crush on me?” But when her boss’s husband shows up at the office, he treats Annie the same way. Which begs the question, are they swingers? But then Annie finally learns the real reason behind her boss’s strange behavior—she can’t have kids and she wants Annie to donate her eggs…in exchange for $20,000!

90210 Season 3Courtesy of CW

Sleeping Trouble

Naomi is having trouble sleeping. She can’t seem to get Mr. Cannon’s sexual abuse out of her mind. When TV and relaxation tapes don’t work, she resorts to sleeping pills. But she overestimates the amount it will take to put her to sleep.

A Close Encounter

Silver is still mad at Naomi and Teddy. She doesn’t believe Naomi about her accusation against Mr. Cannon. And she’s angry that Teddy lied to her about being drunk. Somehow she winds up at Mr. Cannon’s home, watching a video he created. Little does she know that Cannon has been plotting this encounter for some time. He plans to drug her by slipping a date rape drug into her tea. But something in his video triggers her common sense and she splits before Cannon can declare her his next victim.

A Destructive Force

Dixon and Ivy are struggling with their relationship. And it doesn’t help that Ivy’s family friend is doing everything in his power to break them up. But later we learn that feelings for Ivy isn’t the motivation for his destructive behavior.

Caught in a Lie

After claiming that a book of the recently deceased Javier’s songs was her own, Adrianna is forced to sing one at his memorial service —a performance that lands her on YouTube and Entertainment Tonight. Little does she know that Javier recorded a demo tape of that particular song, and Javier’s agent is ready to go public with her deception.

90210 “2021 Vision” Soundtrack

  • 123 Step by The Postelles
  • Down to Infinity by Too Young To Love
  • Journey-V2-JP by Doug Astrop
  • Love Crisis by NagNagNag
  • Saying Goodbye by Jessica Lowndes
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