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America's Next Top Model Cycle 15: Episode 5

Oct 06, 2010

This week on America’s Next Top Model cycle 15, the girls are getting catty. Everyone in the Top Model house hates Kacey, especially Lexie...let the catfights begin!

The Moving Runway

This week’s challenge was even more difficult than their “high fashion” show from week 2. They had to walk in a runway show, modeling Herve Leroux clothing in one of LA’s street tunnels. But here’s the catch: they had to walk in four-inch heels on a moving conveyor belt. And it was moving fast! Every girl struggled with their first steps onto the runway, and only a couple managed to keep their balance and composure during the entire walk. Enemies Lexie and Kacey performed the best, but it was Kacey who walked away with the prize. And boy, did she gloat!

Wrestling Their Way to the Top

After a surprise visit and pep talk from supermodel Karolina Kurkova, the girls headed to their photo shoot. This week, they posed in a wrestling ring alongside Nacho Libre-looking wrestlers. The girls had to be rough and tough, which wasn’t so easy for many of them.


Anne, who has won best photo every single week so far, struggled with her photo shoot. The setting was awkward for her, and it showed in her photo. But thankfully awkwardness is a good thing when it comes to high fashion modeling, and she made Top Model history: she earned best photo for the fourth straight week in a row.


At panel, Lexie and Jane wound up in the bottom two. Tyra loves Lexie’s personality, but it wasn’t coming through in her photos. Tyra struggles with Jane, who doesn’t seem to have much of a personality at all. In the end, Jane was given a second chance to shine, and Lexie was sent home.

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