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Family Party Fitness Fun :: Wii Game Review

Reviewed by on Oct 09, 2010
Rating: 2 Star Rating

If you are looking for a fun, fitness-themed game, look elsewhere. Read Kidzworld’s review of Family Party’s Fitness Fun for all the details.

The Basics

Family Party: Fitness Fun for Wii is the newest game in the Family Party series, and offers 30 kid-friendly, fitness-focused mini games. Players can choose from a dozen characters, although only four are available at first (the rest are unlocked as you progress throughout the game). You can play individually to achieve high scores and win medals or you can compete in multiplayer mode with up to four friends.

Mini Games

The 30 mini games in Fitness Fun are all fitness-focused in theme, but lack actual physical movement. Most of the games can be played while sitting on the couch, removing the fitness aspect of the game. Mini games include dodge ball, tug of war, skydiving, fencing and roller derby. The games can be completed in under a minute, and involve simple movements with the Wii controller (although tutorials were vague and often not helpful in giving directions). In general, the mini games lack challenge and are only available on one level of difficulty.

Disappointing Results

While Fitness Fun is advertised as a video game to increase cardio, balance and brain fitness training, the game falls short. The only time it seemed remotely active was when you added in the Wii Balance Board. Unfortunately, most people don’t have four balance boards, so that means you can only use it during single player gameplay. Some of the games are enjoyable the first time through, but are bland and boring during replay.

If you are looking for a fitness game to get your heart beating, you’re better off going with a game like Wii Fit or EA’s Active Personal Trainer.


Price: $19.99

ESRB Rating:E 10+

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