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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

Nov 09, 2010

Nate tries to return Juliet’s belongings, hoping to end their relationship once and for all. But when he discovers why she has been lying to him—that she’s poor, living in a tiny apartment in a seedy neighbourhood—he gives her a second chance. Meanwhile, Vanessa breaks into her apartment and discovers pictures of Serena and Collin kissing. Because of her ongoing feud with Serena, Vanessa wants to out her in any way possible. But Juliet has a change of heart. She’s not working for her brother anymore, and she sees no reason to get Serena expelled. Unfortunately, Vanessa steals the files and plans to give them to the dean of Columbia.


Serena breaks up with Collin because she realizes that he should have sacrificed his teaching position if he really wanted to be with her. So that’s exactly what he does—he quits. The only problem is Serena has already talked to Dan about getting back together.


Blair and Chuck can’t stop doing it. In order to end their constant “hate sex,” Blair thinks she needs to go cold turkey and avoid Chuck as much as possible. Chuck on the other hand thinks that the only way to end things is to have so much sex that they won’t want it anymore.

Gossip Girl “Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” Fashion

Spotted. Serena wearing a Tibi Sebastian tweed coat with a $175 Of Two Minds floral print skirt in earth tones. But the most expensive piece of her outfit guessed it, her purse! Her Carlos Falchi Caiman and Python oversized shoulder bag retails for $3,995.

Gossip Girl Juliet Doesn't Live Here AnymoreCourtesy of

Blair sports a similar combination of jacket, tights, skirt and purse as Serena. Her outfit includes a Milly Selina Blow Blouse, a Tibi Plain Miliary Peacoat, a Tibi Drabed Bow Miniskirt and a Louis Vuitton Monograph Souble Jeu Neo-Alma Bag.

Gossip Girl Juliet Doesn't Live Here AnymoreCourtesy of

Juliet stormed the ballet premiere in a beautiful flowing chiffon gown from J Mendel’s Spring 2010 line. She accessorized with L.A.M.B pumps and a Carlos Falchi Clutch.

Gossip Girl Juliet Doesn't Live Here AnymoreCourtesy of

Serena looked striking at the ballet premiere in her Zuhair Murad Fall 2010 RTW grey sheer lace drape gown. Talk about dramatic!

Gossip Girl Juliet Doesn't Live Here AnymoreCourtesy of
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