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Dancing with the Stars Season 11: Week 8

Nov 10, 2010

This week on Dancing with the Stars, the final five couples competed for a spot in the semi-finals. Each pair performed two dances: one normal dance, and a second routine called an instant dance, which the couples didn’t rehearse with music until the day of the competition. Kyle and Lacey earned the encore presentation this week with their “instant dance” Jive.


After performances by Taio Cruz and John Legend, the hosts revealed the scores:

  • 1st place: Jennifer and Derek earned first place this week with a total of 57 points. One of their routines earned them 10’s across the board. Brandy and Maks tied them for first place, despite Maks's obvious frustration with one of the judge’s comments. She was surprised that Maks waited so long to begin the choreography, insulting his musicality.

  • 3rd place: Kyle and Lacey landed in a very close third with 56 points, only one point less than the first place scores.

  • 4th place: Kurt and Anna were frustrated with their never-ending 8’s from the judges. Even though the judges tell them that they’re improving every week, their scores remain the same. They landed in 4th place with 48 points.

  • 5th place: No surprise. Bristol and Mark once again took the last spot on the leader board. They wound up in fifth place with 47 points.


The obvious couples to wind up in danger were Bristol and Mark, and Kurt and Anna. But like always, the Dancing with the Stars viewers never seem to get it right. Somehow Bristol and Mark wound up safe from elimination, landing Kurt and Anna, and Brandy and Maks in danger. Despite Maks’s outburst, voters favoured talent rather than attitude (except in Bristol Palin’s case), and sent Kurt and Anna home.

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