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KW Staff TV Picks for Fall

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
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Kidzworlds picks for 2002 season premieres and new shows includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, That 70s Show, Survivor Thailand, Malcolm in the Middle, Charmed, Osbournes, Simpsons, Smallville, Fastlane, Oliver Beene and American Dreams!

We're always getting you guys to write in and tell us about your fave shows, why you dig soccer and why you're too nervous to ask that cutie out. This time we thought that you may want to hear what Superstar, Ref, Rockstar, Olive, Mad Scientist and Minkie have to say about this season of TV watching.


Superstar's Picks

Premieres: I'm itching to see the premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer . I heard that Faith will be on for a bunch of episodes and that Giles will be back a lot too. It's sad to think it's the last season, but if I know Joss Whedon (and I wish I did!) it should be to die for. Also on my must-see-tv list are Smallville and Charmed - cuz I totally got into them last season. I really like the X-Files vibe that Smallville has and I like Charmed much better without Shannen Doherty.
New Shows: The new show I want to see the most is Fastlane. It looks like fun and I think Peter Facinelli is a total hottie!


Ref's Picks

Premieres: I'm most looking forward to seeing the season openers of Malcolm and the Middle and That '70s Show. I'm expecting another season of outrageous laughs from Malcolm, Reese and the Krelyboynes. I can't wait to see what kind of stupid things Reese gets in trouble for - wasn't that hilarious when he saw Stevie's mom naked? (Not for Stevie though.) I'm guessing Reese might actually find a girl that likes him this year and Lois will be hospitalized after another mental breakdown. That '70s Show... I wanna see what happens with Eric and Donna and see what stupid and funny things Kelso will get up to.
New Shows: I'm totally psyched on the new Survivor Thailand - my early pick is for Clay to win it all and I'm predicting Jan gets airlifted out of there early on, after being attacked by a Thai Sea Snake.


Olive's Picks

Premieres: I can't wait to see the new season of Smallville, that show rules! I like all the suspense. I'm also really excited about the new season of Malcolm in the Middle, it's my favorite show right now. Malcolm in the Middle always has me laughing - I can watch that show anytime of the day!
New Shows: Fastlane sounds like it's gonna leave every other show in the dust! I can't wait to see what it's all about! Plus I LOVE fast cars!


Rockstar's Picks

Premieres: I can't wait to see the first new episode of That '70s Show cuz singer Jessica Simpson will be on and it's always funny to see Kelso in pursuit of a pretty girl. What will Jackie do? I really wanna see Eric and Donna work things out... I think they've got a good thing goin' on (unlike Kelso and Jackie.) They just need to figure some stuff out, now that Donna's single again. The Osbournes is definitely on my list too. I'm dying for my Osbourne fix. And I am also looking forward to seeing how Buffy and Friends wrap up their last seasons (boo hoo.)
New Shows: Obviously, Survivor Thailand ... aren't you dying to see the next installment of betrayal, bug eating and physical exertion? I'm also looking forward to checking out Oliver Beene cuz it looks a lot like The Wonder Years and I really liked that show.


Mad Scientist's Picks

Premieres: I'm counting down the days till the Buffy premiere. It's been a long and lonely summer without my weekly fix of Buffy, Willow, Xander and Spike. I have my fingers crossed that Buffy and Spike finally get together and have a shot at a somewhat normal relationship. I am also really excited for another season of The Simpsons. It doesn't start up again for another couple of months but when it does, it's bound to be as witty as ever.
New Shows: The new show that I'm most looking forward to is American Dreams. With poodle skirts and '60s music, how can this show go wrong?


Minkie's Picks

Premieres: All things Joss means I'll be watchin' every last episode of the Buffster (although I am a bit pissed about the Tara death episode. It's not that she's dead - that I can respect, but giving her top credit the same episode you write her out - very cheap.) On the other... you have Spike with a soul - yum! Angel rocked last year but the season finale sucked. Dump the undead's offspring already... he's so blah. On completely different turf, I will watch the Gilmore Girls. I like their banter, their quick wit and Lorelai's dad is freakishly like my own. And yeah, like every other loser out there, I'll watch Surviver Thailand (and think myself a moron for doing it.)
New Shows: I'm curious to see what Birds of Prey is going to look like, cuz I love comic books, super heroes and chicks that can kick butt! For those of you who don't know the players in this latest cb-adaptation, they are Batgirl/Oracle (aka Barbara Gordon,) the Huntress (aka, the love child of Batman and Catwoman,) and psychic sidekick (cuz everyone needs one!) Dinah. And FireFly - I pretty much love everything Joss Whedon creates. So I'll definitely check it out.

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