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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Blu-Ray + DVD

Reviewed by on Jan 17, 2010
Rating: 4 Star Rating

If you love dogs – especially dogs that talk – check out Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 – on a two-disc Blu-Ray + DVD combo pack on February 1!

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Blu-Ray + DVDCourtesy of Disney

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Big, Happy Family

Chloe and Papi are back – but this time the newlywed chihuahuas come with a bigger-than-before family that includes a litter of rambunctious, mischievous and hilarious puppies: one boy, Papi Jr., and four girls, Rosa, Pep, Lala and Ali. At first Papi struggles in his new role as daddy - he acts immaturely and wants to be more of a friend to his puppies than a father. Chloe gets pretty upset, because she wants Papi to learn how to put his paw down every once in a while and help discipline and control the kids!

Then, the Chihuahuas' owner, Sam Cortez, decides to take all the pups (and their parents) on a trip to L.A. to meet with his own parents and their dog, Pedro. Once they arrive, they discover that Mr. and Mrs. Cortez can't paid their bills and might be evicted from their home! While they're trying to figure out what to do, the Chihuahuas meet a Mexican police dog named Delgado, who's come to L.A. try and find his long-lost sons, who work for the K-9 division of the LAPD. Delgado was separated from his sons years ago, and regrets not having a father-son relationship with them.

Meanwhile, the situation is getting worse for Sam's family - they have to get out of their house by nighttime! So Papi, Chloe, Delgado and Pedro decide to enter a dog show where the winner will get $50,000 - plenty of dough to save the Cortez' home! If you want to see whether the dogs win the money, whether the Cortez family keeps their home, whether Delgado reunites with his sons and whether Papi learns how to be the best dad he can be, you'll have to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 when it comes out on Blu-Ray + DVD on February 1!

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Papi’s Parenting Tips

Papi faces fatherhood in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 – and it’s his toughest challenge yet! How does the doggy dad handle life with his pups? Well, he follows his very own set of parenting tips:

  • Don’t be scared to ask your friends and family for help or advice. After all, that’s what they’re here for. Oh, and invest in some parenting books. Every snippet of advice helps.
  • Follow your heart. Fatherhood is more nerve-wracking than a trip to the vet, but you learn as you go along. Keep your chin up and your ears open – and embrace parenthood with an open heart.
  • Put some time aside for outdoor activities and off-leash fun. Head to the beach, pool, garden or dog park with your litter – and play away. Get active, everyone!
  • I’m always telling the puppies stories. My family is descended from an ancient line of proud warriors and my little ones learn about their history when I tell them tales about our Aztec roots. Everyone loves a story – especially the pups.
  • Get your children interested in healthy foods from an early age by offering them colorful and healthy chow like fresh fruit and vegetables. We prefer dog food, but you get the picture.
  • Give your children [kwlink 5596 ]breakfast[/kwlink] in their pajamas. If they spill anything, they don’t have to change their clean school clothes. It’s paw-fect!
  • You can’t go to the dog park if it’s raining outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun adventure. Why not have an indoor picnic? Place a blanket in an unusual corner of the house, sit down as a family and eat there. The tails will be wagging in no time!
  • Always keep a healthy snack with you for the little ones in case of an emergency. No unhealthy fast food is needed if you keep some fruit or rice cakes with you at all times. Or a doggy treat, of course.
  • Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach – and make sure your little one has eaten, too. A fed youngster will make a much better Chihuahua companion at the shops – and this will also save you heaps of money too.
  • Heading out for a family meal or a long journey? Pack a small bag of toys, travel-size games or coloring-in and dot-to-dot booklets along with crayons and pencils. Keep the puppies occupied and they won’t get bored and restless.
  • Invest in a full-length apron. If one of the pups is sick or the food goes flying at meal times, at least you won’t have to change outfits or waste time cleaning up.
  • We have different colored collars on our pups to help tell them apart easily. Associate a color with each of your little ones and dress them accordingly.
  • Movies and TV shows can be good conversation starters for a young family – and they often lead to fun family discussions. Pop on a DVD every once in a while and watch together as a family. Our top tip? Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, of course!
  • Take time out to enjoy the pups in your life. Throw a dance contest or a backyard race; set up random treasure hunts around the house; hold a teddy bear or doll party… Have fun with the little ones, enjoy yourself and get the whole gang’s tails wagging.

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Bonus Features

  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua Challenge
  • Blooper Faux Paws
  • This is My Paradise Music Video by Bridgit Mendler

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Rating: 4

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