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Sports Records You Don't Want to Hold

Dec 27, 2006

There are some sports records that everyone is dying to hold - like most homeruns in Major League Baseball, most goals in the NHL or the most touchdowns in one NFL season. Then there are the records you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy... well, maybe on your worst enemy. Take a look at these records pro players have earned by being just plain terrible.

Most Strikeouts

In 1970, Bobby Bonds set the record for being the player to strike out the most times in one season, with 189 strikeouts. Jose Hernandez nearly tied that record in 2002 by striking out 188 times. Hernandez sat out for four of the last five Brewers' games cuz his own fans began cheering him on to failure.

"Our fans have been pretty darn good. I haven't had anything bad to say. But for them to stand up and cheer in hopes that [Hernandez] might strike out, I hate to see what would have happened had he struck out. They may have given him a standing ovation," said Brewers manager Jerry Royster of Jose's unlucky streak.

Joe Sullivan - Most Errors in Baseball

While Jose Hernandez was on his way to striking out in the batter's box, short stop Joe Sullivan long ago became the error king of the outfield. In 1893, while playing for the Washington Senators in the National League, Joe Sullivan made 106 errors in one season! He must have worked pretty hard at that record, seeing as no one has beaten it in over 100 years.

Most Times Hit By A Pitch

What about gaining a record because of other player's mistakes? Ron Hunt won his spot in the hall of fame for being the MLB player who was hit the most by pitches. While playing for the Montreal Expos, in the 1971 season, Ron Hunt was hit by 50 different pitches.

Kerry Collins - Most Fumbles

In football, you want to go down in history as having the most touchdowns, the longest pass or the most tackles. Kerry Collins will be remembered for something a little less honorable. Kerry must've been moisturizing with butter before each game in 2001 cuz he walked home with the title of most fumbles in one season. He made 23 of them while playing for the New York Giants that year.

Dave Schultz - Most Penalty Minutes
And as much as men like to beat their chests to prove their masculinity, real athletes don't want to be remembered for their arrogance or brute force. But, that's exactly why these two pro players made the history books. Dave Schultz still holds the record for most penalty minutes in one NHL season. He racked up 472 minutes in the 1974-75 season while playing for the Philadelphia Flyers. And Rasheed Wallace argued himself into winning the record for most technical fouls in one NBA season. He earned 41 technical fouls and was kicked out of seven games in the 2000-2001 season.

Do you know of any shameful records we haven't mentioned? Have you held any really lame sports titles?

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