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Top 10 Craziest Athletes

Jul 10, 2018

They’re skilled, they’re strong, and they’re completely out of their minds. Sometimes the pressure of being a professional athlete can make someone go crazy… but sometimes athletes are just purely crazy… period. Here is the Kidzworld Top 10 Craziest Athletes of all-time.

#10 Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is losing itTiger Woods is losing it

Tiger Woods was on track to becoming one of the greatest athletes of all time. He was known as a respectable man with a loving family. He has enough money to support an entire country. But he blew it… big time! His affairs with several different women have screwed up everything and he is suffering big time. Will he ever be able to recover from the mistakes he made, or will his guilt make him go completely crazy?

#9 John McEnroe

John McEnroe's terrible temperJohn McEnroe's terrible temper

For such a gentleman’s sport, John McEnroe has to be one crazy dude to embarrass himself the way he did when he played tennis. He used to play in the championship finals of all the biggest tennis tournaments, and he would completely lose his temper on the court, swearing, breaking tennis racquets, smashing orange juice all over the court.

#8 Maradona

Maradona coaching ArgentinaMaradona coaching Argentina

This amazing Argentinean soccer star of the 70s and 80s has always been completely crazy. He was so good. He was the best in the World comparable to the legendary Pele of Brazil. But he let the stardom get to his head. Drugs ruined his reputation after he retired playing soccer, and when he became the coach of the National team for Argentina at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, it was evident that this man had completely lost his mind.

#7 Sean Avery

Sean Avery has a big mouthSean Avery has a big mouth

Most hockey players are pretty decent people for guys who punch the living daylights out of each other and then the next minute, they shake hands. Well Sean Avery is the classic exemption to the hockey personality. Sean has been known to talk trash on and off the ice, making fun of other players and their personal lives. Sean should just get a job working for TMZ trying to humiliate other players.

#6 Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman Rebounding Proved his CrazinessDennis Rodman Rebounding Proved his Craziness

Dennis Rodman is the NBA’s greatest rebounder in the history of basketball. That’s a pretty good clue for someone who is completely out of his mind. Dennis became famous for his outrageous hair, but that was just the tipping point for the rest of his craziness.

#5 Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds using steroidsBarry Bonds using steroids

Barry Bonds is like the team captain of all the crazy steroid users in baseball. Hundreds of baseball stars have been implicated with steroids, and none so evident as Barry. He was like a slow-forming Incredible Hulk over the years. He started as a skinny good-looking rookie with lots of skills, and by the end of his career he had turned into a raging bulky power-swinger that wouldn’t talk to any of his teammates.

#4 Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens' drama follows himTerrell Owens' drama follows him

Terrell Owens was such a good player in the NFL for so long, until something snapped. When he was playing for the San Fransisco 49ers, he began fighting with the quarterbacks for not throwing him the ball. He was traded because he was causing way too much drama… and everywhere he went, the drama followed.

#3 Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding tried to club American TeammateTonya Harding tried to club American Teammate

Who can possibly forget the incident at the 1994 Olympics when Tonya Harding hired her boyfriend Jeff Gillooly to smack her own American teammate Nancy Kerrigan with a club just before competition? It has to go down has the craziest stunt ever pulled to try and beat the competition at the Olympics.

#2 Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson biting Evander's EarMike Tyson biting Evander's Ear

He tried to bite of Evander Hollyfield’s ear during a boxing fight. Then he tried to eat the other one during the next fight. Need I say more?

#1 O.J. Simpson

OJ Simpson committed murderOJ Simpson committed murder

This is the saddest story of all the crazies. O.J. Simpson committed murder and he got away with it. His karma finally caught up with him when he was thrown into prison for 33 years after trying to rob some Sports Memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas.

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