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Top 10 Final Four Players

Jul 10, 2018

It’s almost March and if you’re a basketball fan, you know what that means… March Madness!!! So it’s time to update the players and where they stand on getting their NCAA team to the Final Four. Here is Kidzworld’s top 10 NCAA College Basketball players of 2011.

#10 - Alec Burks (Colorado)

Alec Burks the BuffaloAlec Burks the Buffalo

Alec Burks is one of the best-kept secrets in college basketball. He plays for the Colorado Buffaloes and he actually is a Buffalo. He shoots, but if you give him any room, he roams right to the rim.

#9 - Terrence Jones (Kentucky)

Terrence Jones, just a freshmanTerrence Jones, just a freshman

The Kentucky Wildcats have a new rookie that everyone is talking about… Terrence Jones. He scored 25 points and 12 rebounds on his very first game and has not looked back.

#8 - Kawhi Leonard (San Diego State)

Kawhi Leonard gets lots of double doublesKawhi Leonard gets lots of double doubles

Life has never been so good for San Diego State basketball and Kawhi Leonard is doing a little of everything to make it happen. The Aztecs could easily make it to the Final Four if Kawhi brings his double-double game-play to the tourney.

#7 - Marcus Morris (Kansas)

Marcus Morris is a great shooterMarcus Morris is a great shooter

Marcus Morris is leading the #1 shooting team in the Nation. With a team that all shoots over 50%, it must take a lot of pressure off Marcus’ game. That’s a recipe for contender!

#6 - JaJuan Johnson (Purdue)

JaJuan Johnson is Purdue's starJaJuan Johnson is Purdue's star

Blocking shots is Jajuan Johnson’s specialty. If you like defense, this Boilermaker is the player to watch.

#5 - Derrick Williams (Arizona)

Derrick Williams 3-point threatDerrick Williams 3-point threat

Everyone loves the 3-Ball in college hoops, so Derrick Williams will be the most exciting player to watch. He has an incredible 70% shooting percentage from beyond the arch (17/24). If anyone can beat the buzzer, it’s Derrick!

#4 - Nolan Smith (Duke)

Nolan Smith keeps Duke Nolan Smith keeps Duke

How does Duke always have one of the best players in the Nation? Bluedevils basketball seems to always have outstanding players and Nolan Smith is the reason why Duke is back at ranked #1.

#3 - Jared Sullinger (Ohio State)

Jared Sullinger the smart guyJared Sullinger the smart guy

This freshman is averaging a double double?! That’s exciting for Buckeye Basketball for the next 3 years. Jared has the highest IQ out of all the top NCAA basketball players and his smarts have predicted a Final Four birth this year.

#2 - Kemba Walker (Connecticut)

Kemba Walker crazy skillsKemba Walker crazy skills

Kemba Walker can take over a game if he wants to. Even though college basketball is a team game, if the Huskies need to win, all they have to do is dial up Kemba for some points, assists, rebounds and great defense.

#1 - Jimmer Fredette (BYU)

Jimmer Fredette long range shooterJimmer Fredette long range shooter

Jimmer Fredette is the highest scorer in the NCAA. That’s a good reason to be ranked number as the best player in the Nation. Jimmer’s big game is from long range and we all know that 3 pointers are the big bonus in the Final Four.

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