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America's Next Top Model: Cycle 16, Episode 1 :: Erin Wasson

Feb 23, 2011

Tyra Banks switched things up for her 16th cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Find out how as Kidzworld reviews episode 1, which aired on February 23.

The Trick

The first 15 cycles of America’s Next Top Model have always been the same: the hopeful girls were invited to LA and one-by-one they introduced themselves to the panel. But this season, Tyra decided to add a little trick to the mix. She told the 14 girls who made it onto the show that they were being sent home, just to give them a little taste of what they’ll all face in the modelling industry—rejection.

Cycle 16 Contestants

  • Jaclyn (20)
  • Ondrei (18)
  • Nicole (20)
  • Hannah (20)
  • Angelia (20)
  • Mikaela (21)
  • Sara (18)
  • Dominique (23)
  • Monique (19)
  • Brittani (19)
  • Alexandria (21)
  • Dalya (21)
  • Kasia (26)
  • Molly (22)

In A Bubble

Right off the bat, the girls were put to work. This week’s runway challenge was both rewarding and unbelievably tough. They got to work with supermodel Erin Wasson and not only wear her jewelry, but also wear designer Alexander Wang’s clothes. For the challenge, the girls had to walk along a 12-inch runway over top of a pool. And to make matters even worse, they had to walk in a big plastic bubble. Two of the girls wiped out during their walk, making complete fools of themselves as they tried to stand back up. (Talk about embarrassing!) Only one girl nailed the walk without any trouble. But before the runway show, the girls were photographed backstage by famous photographer Russell James.


At Panel, Tyra and the other judges didn’t critique them on their runway challenge. Guest judge Erin Wasson even admitted that she probably couldn’t have done that kind of runway show either. Most of the girls were given fairly good reviews on their pictures. Molly walked away with the best photo. While others who didn’t do so well included Nicole, who Tyra said looked 15 years older in her film; Kasia, who didn’t let her personality shine through; and Angelia, who looked like the sexy girl that all the boys would want. Unfortunately for Angelia, being attractive to boys isn’t the look that modeling agencies look for and she was sent home.

America’s Next Top Model Preview

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