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Disney’s Tangled: Mandy Moore Exclusive Interview

Mar 22, 2011

Check out this exclusive interview with the gorgeous Mandy Moore about Disney’s animated film, Tangled, which is out on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 29! Mandy plays the voice of Rapunzel in the movie!

Kidzworld: Hi Mandy! What’s your new movie about?

  • Mandy Moore: Tangled is the story of Rapunzel – and I play the lead character! She’s a bohemian Disney princess who goes off on a crazy adventure.

Mandy Moore voices the character of RapunzelCourtesy of Disney

Kidzworld: Sounds fun! Tell us more…

  • Mandy Moore: Rapunzel is very curious about the world outside her window because she’s been hidden away in a secret tower ever since she was a little baby. She is a young woman about to turn 18 years old, but she’s never stepped outside.

Kidzworld: Did you want to be a princess when you were younger?

  • Mandy Moore: I did! I think it’s every young girl’s dream to be a Disney princess. I didn’t necessarily want to be the princess with a big dress and a wand, but I definitely wanted a nice tiara like The Little Mermaid. I really wanted to be the mermaid princess.

Kidzworld: How similar are you to Rapunzel?

  • Mandy Moore: I’d like to think that I’m pretty similar to Rapunzel. I think she’s got a great sense of adventure and she likes to see the good in people. She’s also very curious about the world. I can definitely relate to her in all these ways.

Kidzworld: Rapunzel can look after herself in the movie…

  • Mandy Moore: Well, I don’t know if I’m as brave as Rapunzel – but I’m really into martial arts. I’m not a martial arts expert or anything, but I’m a huge fan. It’s funny you mention that because Rapunzel is pretty handy with a frying pan in the movie, so she can clearly take care of herself.

Kidzworld: Can you take care of yourself?

  • Mandy Moore: No, but I wish I could. That’s why I think I’m so interested in martial arts. I’m curious to see if I can pick up any tricks along the way.

Kidzworld: How does it feel to be the newest Disney princess?

  • Mandy Moore: It feels very cool. I especially like the idea that this movie will live forever. One day, I’ll be able to show my own family, “Look what I got to be a part of.” It’s the ultimate childhood dream.

Kidzworld: What are your most princess-like qualities?

  • Mandy Moore: My most princess-like qualities? Generally, I think I’m a pretty nice person. I like to think I’m kind hearted and understanding. That’s very princess-like, isn’t it?

Kidzworld: Were you excited to see all of the Rapunzel toys in stores?

  • Mandy Moore: It was really exciting! I was really curious to see all of the different toys and accessories that would come along with the movie. I wanted to see all of the Rapunzel tower toys and the cool Halloween costumes. I’ve been blown away by it all.

Kidzworld: What’s your favorite song in the film?

  • Mandy Moore: My favorite song is the duet I get to sing with Zachary Levi (who voices Flynn). We got to record the song together, which was a lot of fun. I was blown away by Zach’s voice because I had no idea he could sing. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is going to be amazing.’

Kidzworld: What were your favorite cartoon movies when you were growing up?

  • Mandy Moore: I loved Fantasia because it was mesmerizing and beautiful. However, my favorites were probably The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. I love the classics. They are great movies!

Kidzworld: Did you always want to be an actress when you were younger?

  • Mandy Moore: I think I wanted to be an actor and a singer ever since I was six years old, so I was in lots of school plays and things like that. I appeared in plays like The Christmas Carol, Gypsy and Bye Bye Birdie – but I didn’t always get the lead role.

Kidzworld: Did that bother you?

  • Mandy Moore: No, it didn’t bother me. I was just excited to be included, especially because I was doing the plays with a lot of my friends. All I wanted was to be around my friends and to be in good company.

Kidzworld: What advice would you give to youngsters who want to take up a career in acting?

  • Mandy Moore: If you want to become an actor, you have to understand that a lot of disappointment comes along with this job – but you can’t take it personally. Even to this day, I still get disappointed when I audition for something and I really want it, but it doesn’t end up going my way.

Kidzworld: What’s the best way to handle rejection?

  • Mandy Moore: You just have to learn something positive from the experience. You have to think to yourself, ‘What can I do differently next time?’ Or maybe you weren’t doing anything wrong, but it just wasn’t the right opportunity. There’s always a next time!

Kidzworld: Is it important not to take rejection personally?

  • Mandy Moore: It is very important! You have to find a way to not take it personally and not let it deter you from doing the thing that you love.

Kidzworld: What were you like at school?

  • Mandy Moore: I was very quiet and very shy. I wasn’t popular, but I wasn’t unpopular; I was right in the middle. I didn’t have a ton of friends and I wasn’t super outgoing. I just kept to myself.

Kidzworld: Did you enjoy school?

  • Mandy Moore: I really liked school in the nerdy sense of enjoying it! I liked all of my classes, apart from Math.

Kidzworld: If you could go back in time and offer yourself some advice at school, what would you say?

  • Mandy Moore: I would say to myself, “Be a little bit more confident. Stand with your shoulders back and enjoy your entire school experience – and enjoy the people around you.”

Kidzworld: Is it all right if you’re not in the popular crowd at school?

  • Mandy Moore: Of course it’s all right. I was never the popular girl at school, but it’s not a popularity contest. As long as you’re happy and you’re content in who you are and the world around you, then that’s cool and that’s all you need.

Kidzworld: What advice would you give to people who feel like they haven’t got many friends?

  • Mandy Moore: I think that’s something I’m still learning myself because I’m still very shy. The only thing I can say is, “Be yourself.” You shouldn’t have to change for anyone to be their friends. Just continue to be yourself, no matter what.
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