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America's Next Top Model: Cycle 16, Episode 10 :: Franca Sozzani

Jul 10, 2018

This week on America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 16, Episode 10), the remaining 5 girls traveled to Morocco! This episode, which aired on April 27, 2011, features guest judge Franca Sozzani.

The Trouble With Plus-size

The girls arrived in Marrakech, Morocco, and enjoyed a traditional Moroccan lunch. Afterwards, they got to work. They dressed and walked in fashions by designer Noureddine Amir. Being a plus-size model, Kasia had trouble finding a piece that fit. When she finally did get her chance to shine, she impressed judge Andre Leon Talley by being the only girl to remember to pack their high-heels.

Home Sweet Home

Next, they met Andre on a rooftop terrace, where they enjoyed a relaxing cup of tea. Then, after a chat, Andre announced that beneath them was actually their house. Excitedly, the girls toured the house. Molly was miserable (more so than usual) to discover that she’d be sharing a bed with Kasia and Brittani.

Posing With Camels

For their photo shoot with photographer Michael Woolley, the girls posed on cranky camels in the Moroccan desert. At Panel, the quality of the shots definitely showed who struggled and who triumphed on set. Molly received best photo, followed by Brittani and then Hannah. Alexandria and Kasia landed in the bottom two. Even though the photographer told Tyra that Alexandria had argued with him (which wasn’t true), she got a second chance. Kasia was sent home.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 10 Preview

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