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The Vampire Diaries: Season 2, Episode 20 :: The Last Day

Apr 28, 2011

This week on The Vampire Diaries (Season 2, Episode 20), Klaus gathers his supplies for the sacrifice. Also, an unexpected character turns into a vampire. Check out our recap of “The Last Day”, which aired April 28, 2011.

As the full moon approaches, Elena and the gang prepare for Klaus’ sacrifice. Elijah tells them that he has a special elixir Elena can drink that will bring her back to life after Klaus inevitably kills her in the sacrifice. But, Damon doesn’t believe that the potion will work. Still determined to get Elena to back out, he makes her drink his blood. That way, even if she does die she will return to life as a vampire and will be with Damon and Stefan forever. Upset but resigned to her fate, Elena and Stefan spend what they think is her last human day together.

The Sacrifice

To successfully pull off the sacrifice, Klaus needs a vampire and a werewolf. He lures Tyler back to Mystic Falls and then kidnaps him and Caroline. When Damon finds out, he realizes that if he kills Tyler then Klaus won’t have a werewolf for the sacrifice. But, when Damon reaches the tomb Caroline makes him promise not to kill Tyler and lets them both escape. They try to get back to the Lockwood house before the full moon, but don’t make it. Tyler turns into a werewolf and loses control, biting Damon. Will he suffer the same fate as Rose? Only time will tell.


With Caroline and Tyler gone and his witch dead (he gets killed when Damon tries to get into the tomb), Klaus needs to find replacements for the sacrifice. While he has a back-up witch and werewolf, he still needs a vampire. When Elena shows up at the site for the sacrifice she sees Jenna lying dead on the ground. But, Jenna pops back to life, making Elena realize that Klaus has not killed her, but turned her into a vampire. The episode ends before the sacrifice takes place, so we’re still not sure whether Elena will join her sister as a vampire in the afterlife.

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