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Brandon Mychal Smith: The So Random Interview

May 31, 2011

By: Lynn Barker

“Sonny with a Chance” on the Disney Channel is now called “So Random” since troubled star Demi Lovato has left the show. We’re on the cell with cutie Brandon Mychal Smith, who plays Nico Harris, dishing the big changes in the new season.

The performer/comedian/actor/singer is super revved up about the revamped show which starts its third season June 5th. Here is the latest from this feisty, funny cutie.

Brandon Mychal SmithBrandon Mychal Smith

Kidzworld: The third season of “So Random” starts in June.  How is it being restructured without Demi? More comedy sketches?  

  • Brandon Mychal Smith: Like any show you watch, each season is kind of like a chapter. You can treat a TV show almost like a book so this season is another chapter of “So Random”. It’s an entire comedy movement bringing laughs and smiles to kids. That’s our goal. We’re really excited and yes, it’s going to be all Andy Samberg-ish, short sketches and we’ve been working on our impersonations and we’ve got a slew of new cast members who are hilarious. We’re really focusing on the collaborative effort; the power of “we”.  We’ve got two of the writers from “Saturday Night Live”. We’ll add the drive and determination and keep everybody laughing, hopefully.

Kidzworld: Any hints on the “Wow” musical guest on June 5th

  • Brandon: (I can only tell you that) when you tune in every week you don’t know who you’ll see. You can see your A-list celebrity or top 10 rapper. We’ve had the fortunate blessing of being able to work with a lot of these people and we’ve reached out and a lot of people love the show and want to come in and hang out and do sketches so we’ve got everybody.

Kidzworld: Nico has a certain style of dressing. Is it anything like yours? Do you have any say with the show’s costumer as to what Nico wears?

  • Brandon: Yes. I’m very much involved in the fashion aspect of Nico Harris and his entire look through which he’s becoming this fashion icon hopefully. I’ve always been into fashion and, actually, I go out and shop for my own things (for Nico to wear) and call in to our stylist or designer and let them know where the product is so they can come pick it up.I’ve put together an assortment of things from around the world when I travel doing press and meeting the fans and working with various charities. In that time, I’m able to do some shopping as well and I try and take what I find, be it accessories, scarves or rings, and bring that to the character of Nico and make him a fashion-forward teen suave guy. I find myself on a Friday night grabbing stuff from Nico’s closet to borrow and wear it out.  I’m ready to rock from my closet away from home.

Brandon Mychal SmithBrandon Mychal Smith

Kidzworld: Will there be more on Nico’s background this year?

  • Brandon: We’re always going to have that same behind-the-scenes aspect that you don’t have on a lot of shows. You can go behind the scenes and catch people at craft services (food table) and that will take you into Nico Harris’ life and the other characters as well. For the most part we are going to focus on making you laugh. We’ll be pulling out so you can see the cameraman at work and the audience laughing along with us and see some of the most awesome teen talent around.

Kidzworld: What else is exciting about the third season?

  • Brandon: We’ve redesigned the entire set. Last year we had about 75 kids in the audience. This year we’ve got about 200 kids. It’s all tweens and teens to 21. Everybody coming out and having a great time. Our set becomes a dance floor; the club So Random. We have a live D.J. as well for each show and we have a new theme song I just recorded.

Kidzworld: Sounds cool! What, so far, has been your favorite sketch to do on the show and why?

  • Brandon: My favorite sketch thus far has been called “Renaldo Rivera”. It’s like Ricardo Montalban, smooth. I play a Spanish-speaking gentleman who corrects his students. When he’s teaching you, he’s also insulting you. It was a fun mix. He dances over and insults you charismatically.

So Random castSo Random cast

Kidzworld: Have you done any feature films on hiatus?

  • Brandon: Oh the break I worked with Jerry Bruckheimer and Christian Slater on a couple of episodes of “The Forgotten”. That was an amazing experience to hone back in on my drama chops which was my first love. I also did (the TV movie) “Starstruck” with Sterling Knight so that was fun and then I was up there Skating with the Stars.

Kidzworld: And you got sick! That was horrible.

  • Brandon: Yeah, I got really sick but it was great to become physically active and put the skating notch on my belt. I found I’m a pretty proficient skater. That was the first time I had ever done that professionally in my life and basically went from zero to a hundred and became a relatively excellent ice skater.

Kidzworld: Who are you downloading musically these days?

  • Brandon: I’m into a lot of different artists. I’ve been listening to this new artist called Calvin Harris that is really good. I’m always into the old school; Boney James. Been listening to Marvin Gaye, Five Tops, Flamingoes, stuff like that trying to find some inspiration to prepare for my first album. No date on that yet but I’m working toward it and collabing with a lot of the musical guests who have come on the show.

Kidzworld: You’ve played the funny guy a lot (this and “Starstuck”) and then were in movie dramas like Gridiron Gang .  Are you looking forward to playing a romantic lead?

  • Brandon: Most definitely. I don’t even call myself an actor or musician. I refer to myself as an entrepreneur of the arts. I’m going to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I’m always excited to play a new character. Something like a romantic comedy would be the type of film I’d want to dive into. Growing up in L.A. and dealing with the ladies, romance and drama of it, I definitely have firsthand knowledge. I’m caught up in my own little romance right now. (sings) “Caught in a Good Romance”. It’s all positive.

Brandon Mychal SmithBrandon Mychal Smith

Kidzworld: Now that we’re talking romance, what must a girl just never do on a date with you if she wants a second date?

  • Brandon: If a young lady is on a date and picks a booger, it’s over. I’m not takin’ her out again. Digging for the gold, looking for diamonds, that’s my pet peeve. Other than that, it’s all good.

Kidzworld: Ewwwww! I’ll second that one. What do you really wish the showrunners would write for Nico to do that they haven’t yet?

  • Brandon: I really need them to let me shoot out of a canon like a cannonball into a pool of water or… I want to be held up over the audience, fly over the audience when they call my name and I go back out. There are more dangerous stunts going on this year. Your skater here does a few turns on the show.

Kidzworld: Why should fans of “Sonny with a Chance” keep coming back for “So Random”? 

  • Brandon: We’re gonna be offering you the funniest sketches, the most amazing musical guests, the biggest actors, rock stars and it will all be on your screen every week!