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Web Wonders: Top 10 Celebs Online to Onstage Celebs

Jul 10, 2018

You might be surprised at how many of your fave celebs started their careers at home and on the Internet, posting videos to YouTube and going viral. Here’s Kidzworld's Top 10 celebs who made it from your laptop to performing live!

1. Justin Bieber

No one can argue that Justin Bieber is the biggest star today to begin his career on the Internet. He started by releasing YouTube videos and was soon in the middle of a major label bidding war, with his mentor Usher winning out!

Justin BieberJustin jumped from online to bigtime time!

2. Greyson Chance

Greyson blew everyone away at his school (and online, once it was posted) with his soulful rendition of Lady Gaga’s hit song “Paparazzi,” where he played the piano perfectly and had a set of pipes to match! Check out the vid that started his road to fame (he'll have to deal with his own paparazzi now):                                  

3. Lucas Cruikshank

You probably know Lucas as the loveable but annoying YouTube character Fred Figglehorn. What started out as Lucas mimicking his younger brothers turned into a web phenomenon and a movie deal with Nickelodeon!

Lucas CruikshankLucas created his character Fred Figglehorn from watching his younger brothers

4. Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi was a standout talent and it didn’t take him long to make the jump from online to in-studio. Shortly after releasing a free mixtape on the web this young rapper was answering a call from Kanye West asking him to help write his next album, Heartbreak and 808!

Kid CudiKanye West discovered Kid Cudi after he released his first mixtape free online

5. Rebecca Black

OK, she may not be famous for the right reasons; in fact, we can probably all agree that her "hit" song is a real stinker. But Rebecca got appearances on tons of TV talk shows after releasing “Friday.”

Rebecca BlackRebecca became INfamous with her viral "hit" Friday

6. Jawan Harris

This young R&B singer has just made the leap from homemade music vids to melting hearts across America, with some people even calling him the next Bieber! Check out his new love song Keisha:               

7. Brandon Pacheco

Like many of the people on this list, this young Canadian liked posting videos of himself singing covers of his fave pop songs. But even singing someone else’s songs, his talent was undeniable, and he was soon signed and singing live! Here's one of Brandon's first singles of his new album, "Broke Up":

8. Tavi Gevinson

Tavi made her name on the Internet as a fashion sensation to watch when she was just nine years old by creating her own website called the Style Rookie and posting looks that she liked. Designers were floored by her amazing style and ability to judge what was fresh and new; now, there isn’t a couture show around that doesn’t look to this 15-year-old for praise!

Tavi GevinsonTavi has been a style-savant since the age of nine, and took to the web to prove it

9. Kreayshawn

Kreayshawn has been rapping in the Oakland area her whole life, but releasing songs on the internet is what got her on the map for most listeners and labels. She went viral after posting her song “Gucci Gucci,” and she’s now talking to Drake and Snoop about what to do next!

KreayshawnKreayshawn just signed to a label after her song "Gucci Gucci" was blogged and re-blogged everywhere

10. Maria Aragon

How could anyone forget the girl that made Lady Gaga cry with her YouTube cover of “Born This Way?" The video is just Maria singing and playing at her keyboard, but she does it so passionately that Lady Gaga said on Twitter that Maria's performance is what she got into music for in the first place! Maria was born this way, and is going places! Take a look at her version of "Born This Way" below:

Who to Watch...

One of our fave Internet sensations this year was nine-year-old Lyrikkal aka Young Lyric, who has more sass and better flow than any full-grown diva; check out her song “Pink and Purple":

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