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America's Got Talent: Season 6, Episode 16 :: Quarter-Finals Round 2

Jul 10, 2018

America’s Got Talent Season 6 heads into their second round of the quarter-finals with 12 more contestants who hope to win the million-dollar prize. Episode 16 aired on July 19, 2011; check out the full recap right here on Kidzworld!

Tribute to America

Compared with last week, this round was a little BLAH. It could be because they were having trouble with the studio sound, like background music and microphones. After the final performance of the night - an act called The Silhouettes - Piers admitted that most of the first eleven acts weren’t very good. The Silhouettes definitely took the cake. Howie called them brilliant, original and unique, and said that they deserved their own show. There's no doubt that they tugged at the heartstrings of most voters by their tribute to America.

The Best

The judges also loved Daniel Joseph Baker, who performed Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory. They can see the fire in his belly, and his flamboyance makes him naturally entertaining. They also enjoyed the Smage Bros. Riding Shows. Even though the judges’ microphones malfunctioned during their critique, it was easy to pick up words like “fantastic.”

Mixed Reviews

The judges had mixed opinions about most of the acts, including Justin Bieber look-a-like Dani Shay. Sharon said she sings with great passion, but Howie suggested she pick a more popular song next time. Geechy Guy wasn’t as funny as he’s been in the past, and Piers wasn’t afraid to let him know it: “listening to you is like being smashed over the head with a hammer.” Ouch! Others who received mixed reviews included singer Dylan Andre, magician Landon Swank, twin singers Mona Lisa, and Steven Retchless, whose pole dancing act was spectacular in spite of Piers’s buzz.

The Worst

The Attack Dance Crew fell short with their performance. Howie still thinks their dance style - "drilling" - makes them look like cheerleaders. Thomas John also had a bad night. As a juggler, it’s important not to drop the objects you're juggling…especially not more than once. Perhaps the worst performers of the night were the Rhinestone Ropers, whose tricks were completely and utterly dull. Sharon said they reminded her of the entertainment at a kid’s birthday party.

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