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Madden NFL 12: XBox 360 Game Review

Reviewed by on Aug 31, 2011
Rating: 4 Star Rating

NFL Football is back again this year and so is Madden. Check out our game review to find out how this years title is!

With the NFL lockout during the off season, it was uncertain if the season would start on time and if Madden NFL 12 would be cancelled. Luckily, the lockout was resolved. However, this did mean that EA Sports only had about a month to make sure that everything was ready for launch. The end result is a very excellent Madden game that improves on everything that Madden NFL 11 did, but does not add much in new features.

New and Improved

Madden NFL 12 is super realistic. The sun actually moves in the sky and the lighting changes as a result. Not only does the game nail the look and feel of every team's stadium in the NFL, but it also features the correct mascot and cheerleaders for the opening sequences of games. The updated collision system adds about a hundred different tackle animations and you can do free agent bidding wars now and trade your draft picks as well.

The AI for the game has also been improved. The defense is much smarter and works man-to-man and zone coverage very well. The game tracks consistency and confidence in players, which makes the Madden NFL 12 version of players very much like the real thing: Donovan McNabb will run if he gets the chance and Troy Polamalu will get more aggressive when he's losing. Players also can be affected by hot and cold streaks during the season and concussions are a much bigger threat as they can take away your players for several game or the whole season.

Old Modes

Online mode now has communities that you can create and join. This can help set up games among friends and avoid trolls. All the extra modes from Madden 11 returns: Ultimate Team, Madden Moments, and Be a Superstar. There are minor improvements, for example, you can now trade cards in Ultimate Team, but there are no new modes. If you already have Madden 11 and got bored of the game, Madden 12 may not be for you.


Price: $54.99

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

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