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The Dog Who Saved Halloween Review

Reviewed by on Sep 21, 2011
Rating: 3 Star Rating

This super-cute movie stars Joey Lawrence and Mayim Bialik, two actors from an old TV series called Blossom. It’s about Zeus, a talking dog who makes it his mission to save Halloween!

New House, New Hood, No Halloween?

Zeus and his human family, the Bannisters, move to a new house. Everyone is excited, until they notice some strange lights and sounds coming from their neighbors’ home. George Bannister, the dad, decides to look into it, with help from two not-so-smart burglars. When they enter the house, they discover some pretty creepy things, including a scary dog and lots of good, old-fashioned haunting! But when they get trapped in the place, it’s up to Zeus the talking dog to save them – and save Halloween!

Special Features

  • Audio Commentary
  • Halloween Dog Tracks
  • Bloopers


The Dog Who Saved HalloweenCourtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment

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