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Pretty Little Liars: Halloween Special :: The First Secret

Oct 20, 2011

This week Pretty Little Liars aired a special Halloween episode that was a prequel to the series. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “The First Secret”, which aired October 19, 2011, to discover what secrets existed before Alison went missing.

Pretty Little Liars: Halloween Special :: The First SecretCourtesy of ABC Family

Time Traveler

This special episode of Pretty Little Liars transported us back to 2008, when Alison was still leading the group. It is Halloween and the girls are trying to decide who they should dress up as for Noel’s party. Alison sets her sites on Lady Gaga, and heads to the store to purchase her costume. When she gets there a new girl is eyeing up the same one. Turns out, it is Jenna (and she can still see!). She has just moved to town and is already getting on Alison’s bad side.

Pretty Little Liars: Halloween Special :: The First SecretCourtesy of ABC Family


We’ve known all along that Alison and the rest of the girls had a complicated friendship, but this episode shows us just how many secrets Alison knew. Apparently she tampered with the class president election, ensuring Spencer won. She also knew the truth about Emily and her ex-boyfriend Ben and she was there when Aria caught her dad cheating on her mom. With so much dirt on the girls, it’s not surprising they would do anything she asked.

Pretty Little Liars: Halloween Special :: The First SecretCourtesy of ABC Family


Alison receives a package at her house that contains a voodoo doll with a note that says “It’s my turn to torture you.” This implies that it is from someone Alison has been mean to in the past, but she isn’t sure who it is. At Noel’s party, Alison is outraged to find Jenna dressed up as Lady Gaga, especially after she had warned her to choose a different costume. Heeding the phrase “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”, Alison invites Jenna to join their little foursome. But Jenna declines, making Alison that much angrier.

Alison slips away from the party and then texts Spencer, Emily and Aria and tells them to meet her at an abandoned house. Alison and Noel had planned a prank they wanted to play on the other girls. Alison pretends to be kidnapped in order to see which of the girls is the most loyal. After the girls return to the party they see Noel, who apologizes for missing the prank. If he wasn’t there, who was? Is it the same person who sent Alison the voodoo doll? This creepy question is followed with the first text from ‘A’: “Dying to know who I am? You’ll find out.” Guess this means Alison isn’t ‘A’.


Have Your Say

Were you scared? Who is ‘A’, if it isn’t Alison? Leave a comment and let us know.

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