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Clue Comes to TV

Nov 17, 2011

Professor Plum and Miss Scarlett find their place in the spotlight in the new TV miniseries Clue. The entire miniseries will air on The Hub on November 19.

The Show

Everyone’s favorite crime solving board game Clue made its TV appearance November 14. The five-part miniseries aims to uncover a mystery, part of which will be discovered each episode. In the show, six teenagers are drawn together after they witness a murder at a party they are all attending. The only problem is that there is no body. Throughout the show each of the sleuths will try to solve the mystery and find the dead body before the others can. In an attempt to discover they truth they will decipher secret messages, find buried treasure and even go undercover. Who will solve the mystery first? Only time will tell.


  • Agnes: A fashionista who loves gossip and reads a ton of blogs and magazines.
  • Dmitri: A varsity athlete. Every guy wants to be him, and every girl wants to be with him.
  • Liz: A trendsetter who is a bohemian at heart. She loves any kind of attention.
  • Lucas: A nerd, but he is amazing at puzzles and knows how to solve any problem.
  • Seamus: A true rebel, he blazes his own path and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.
  • Whitney: A total girl next door, she is good at just about everything.

When to Watch

Clue airs on The Hub November 14 to November 17. The whole miniseries will air on November 19.

Clue Trailer

Exclusive Clip from Clue!

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