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Survivor 5 Thailand - Episode 4

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

So you watched epi 4 and got a lil more insight on the 12 remaining Survivors. Think you know em well enough to pick wholl be voted out on next? This week it was Ghandia Johnson of the Chuay Gahn tribe.

The fourth episode of Survivor Thailand was more depressing than your gold fish dying. Both the Chuay Gahn and Sook Jai tribe members are weak, grouchy and just plain pathetic looking. At Chuay Gahn, the rift between Ghandia Johnson and Ted Rogers Jr. turns into a rift between the men and the women. Meanwhile, at Sook Jai, Stephanie Dill continues to be a major loner while Shii Ann Huang continues to talk down to everybody. It's hard to say who is more annoying.

Despite the problems for both tribes, Sook Jai kicks butt in both the Reward and Immunity Challenges. They carry a 250 pound dummy around the island first to win a ton of bananas and some live chickens. Then, they figure out an ancient-style puzzle to snag Immunity. With Chauy Gahn at Tribal Council, Helen Glover decides to align with the boys and vote out Ghandia instead of Clay.

Check out our choices for next week's Tribal Council and cast your vote.


1Chauy Gahn

Jan Gentry and Clay Jordan. Chuay Gahn tribemates on Survivor Thailand.
Jan Gentry and Clay Jordan

Jan Gentry: Formed an alliance with Ghandia Johnson and Ghandia got the boot. The tribe may very well pick her off next. It doesn't help that Jan Gentry isn't exactly an asset in the strength department.
Clay Jordan: Was nothing but annoying this episode. His little rants, his napping habit and his lack of strength may just turn his boys (Ted Rogers Jr. and Brian Heidik) against him. Jan Gentry already wants him off and Helen has already proven she'll follow the pack.

Who Should be Voted Off Chuay Gahn? Vote!


1 Sook Jai

Robb Zbacnik and Stephanie Dill. Sook Jai tribemates on Survivor 5 Thailand
Robb Zbacnik and Stephanie Dill

Robb Zbacnik: Is still annoying, loud and dumb. On top of which, he trash-talked to the chickens... okay, that was kinda funny. One more episode may be all it takes for Robb Zbacnik's tribe members to realize they really can't stand him.
Stephanie Dill: Is grumpy and annoying. She spends all her time by herself or complaining about her tribemates. It's obvious she's made no attempt at bonding with her tribe and no one would shed a tear if her torch was snuffed next Tribal Council.

Who Should be Voted Off Sook Jai?


  • Last week, we predicted Ghandia Johnson would be one of the tribe members who might be booted - and we were right! Here's what you voted last week:

Chuay Gahn:

Ghandia Johnson:71%
Ted Rogers Jr.:28%


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