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Gossip Girl: Season 5, Episode 9 :: Rhodes to Perdition

Nov 29, 2011

This week on Gossip Girl Season 5, Max tries to divulge Charlie’s secret to her family. Episode 9, “Rhodes to Perdition,” aired on November 28, 2011.

Charlie Faces Blackmail

Charlie/Ivy’s ex-boyfriend Max is using his connection with Serena to blackmail Charlie. If she doesn’t give him $500,000 soon, he’ll reveal her secret to the Rhodes family. But getting that kind of money is easier said than done now that Grandma Rhodes has put a withdrawal limit on her account.

During a Studio 54 party where their grandma is the honoured guest, Max spills the beans about Charlie’s true identity. But without proof, no one believes him.

Humphrey Hater

Meanwhile, Dan investigates an anonymous hater tweeting under the name @ihatehumphrey. He’s shocked to discover that it’s his literary agent, and that she’s just trying to get people talking about him. Bad press is better than no press…or is it?

Blair is Torn

While Blair tries to choose between a variety of delicious wedding cake flavors, she’s also torn apart by another decision. Should she stay with Louis now that he’s acting like the old Chuck? And did getting over Blair cause Chuck’s new and better transformation?   

Gossip Girl Fashion

Charlie looks comfy and cozy in her Marc by Marc Jacobs Camino Lurex Sweater, which she paired with a Susanna Galanis Necklace.  

Courtesy of the CWCourtesy of the CW

Glam, sparkle and shine are totally in this year. And Serena certainly knows how to sport it. She wears a gold Diane von Furstenberg Clarice dress worth $1,400.00! 

Courtesy of the CWCourtesy of the CW

The pregnant Blair knows how to make fashion comfortable. She wears a red Donna Karan casual luxe long trapeze sweater worth $850.00 

Courtesy of the CWCourtesy of the CW

Have Your Say

Do you want Charlie's secret to come out, or do you want her character to stay on the show? Tell us in our comment section below!

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