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Survivor 5 Thailand - Episode 5

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

So you watched Episode 5 of Survivor Thailand and made fun of them like everyone else. Think you know em well enough to pick wholl be voted out on the next episode of Survivor Thailand? Come to Kidzworld and vote!

The fifth episode of Survivor Thailand was pretty lame. If CBS doesn't shake things up a bit, their show could be booted off... the air, that is.

Chuay Gahn have no luck catching fish and their boat and net float away in the middle of the night because they weren't properly secured. Sook Jai gets an energy boost when they quiet a noisy chicken by boiling it for breakfast. (Bok!)

The Reward Challenge is a Survivor Auction. It's a win-win situation for both teams who can bet on, and buy, food for the tribe. Sook Jai scores a sinful hamburger and fries, an ice cream sundae and a mystery plate, which turned out to be seasoned grubs. Chuay Gahn gets a pitcher of limeade drink, a plate of spaghetti and meatballs with bread, nachos and even margaritas! When it comes to the Immunity Challenge, Chuay Gahn comes up big by sorting their fish into the right bowls before Sook Jai. Uh-oh... it's off to Tribal Council for Sook Jai where they boot out Stephanie Dill.

Check out our choices for next week's Tribal Council and cast your vote.


1Chuay Gahn


Photos: Courtesy of CBS.
Jan Gentry and Helen Glover

Jan Gentry - is liked by her tribe but her physical weakness and age almost make her a sure target. She annoyed the men with her awkward "churn the butter" dance when the tribe received the money for the auction and her only ally is Helen.
Helen Glover - can be annoying at times but she does have strength on her side. She's the only other girl and you know the boys won't vote each other out. So, if it isn't Jan, it'll be Helen Glover who gets the boot next week.

Who Should Be Voted Off Chuay Gahn? Vote!


1Sook Jai


Photos: Courtesy of CBS.
Robb Zbacnik and Shii Ann Huang

Robb Zbacnik - the only thing he has going for himself is strength. Robb's a rude, racist, cocky, good-for-nothing punk and they need to put his ego in check by kicking him out of the tribe. Nobody seemed to care when he injured his foot in the water.
Shii Ann Huang - could also be sent packing because she has a sure vote from her "buddy" Robb, probably Erin - and maybe some others too. In past Tribal Councils, Shii Ann's had votes against her.

Who Should Be Voted Off Sook Jai? Vote!


  • Last week, we predicted Stephanie Dill would be one of the tribe members who might be booted - and we were right again! Here's what you voted last week:

    Sook Jai:

    Robb Zbacnik: 57%
    Stephanie Dill: 42%











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