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The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 13 :: Bringing Out the Dead

Feb 02, 2011

This week on The Vampire Diaries (Season 3, Episode 13), Bonnie unlocks the hidden coffin and Stefan and Damon reunite. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “Bringing Out the Dead”, which aired February 2, 2012, to discover what you missed.

Love Triangle

Klaus, Elijah, Damon and Stefan have a nice brotherly dinner to see if they can negotiate the rights to the locked – and hidden – coffin. The Original brothers reveal that back in the day, they both loved the same woman: Tatia, the Original Petrova. Two brothers, one woman - that story sounds very familiar. Stefan and Damon finally admit to each other that they both love Elena. The only question is, who does Elena love?

Table Talk

Back to negotiations. Klaus says he will always need Elena, since her blood is the key to creating more hybrids. He tries to use her as a bargaining chip to get the coffin. But, Stefan isn’t buying it. Klaus attacks Stefan, and tells Damon he will burn him alive if he doesn’t get the coffin immediately. Elijah and Damon disappear, but they return shortly after, with the entire Original family! They have all been undaggered and reunited, much to Klaus’s disappointment.

Family Bonds

Bonnie and her mom Abby are forced to work together to open the locked coffin. Stefan takes them to the cave where it is hidden, and tells them not to leave until they find a solution. Although at first they can’t find a way to stop fighting, they eventually unite and combine their powers. The coffin opens, and out pops the Original witch (Klaus and Elijah’s mother). Now the Original family is complete.

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