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The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 13: Medallion

Feb 03, 2012

This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 13) Cassie enlists the help of a powerful psychic to help her unlock the power of the Blackwell medallion. Read the Kidzworld Recap of "Medallion" which aired February 2, 2012, to discover what you missed!

Grave Matters

Last week The Secret Circle ended with Jake (Chris Zylka) and Cassie (Britt Robertson) digging up John Blackwell’s grave only to discover no body, just dog bones! Blackwell may have escaped certain death at the hands of the witch hunters, and Cassie still needs to know if her father is alive. A psychic Lucy, recognizes Cassie from the boat, and tells her the hunters are still after her.

Diana (Shelley Hennig) spills to Adam (Thomas Dekker) about Cassie and Jake digging up the grave and retrieving her father’s medallion (the one that helped him escape the hunters) and Adam storms over there to warn her that she's getting too involved in black magic, and also to remind her of the kiss they shared before Jake waltzed back into the picture.

Birthday Boy

Back at the clubhouse Cassie and Jake discover the medallion is so powerful that even looking at it can stir up a storm, Jake throws himself on Cassie to protect her just in time for Adam to walk down the stairs and catch them in an embrace. Distraught and jealous, Adam runs off, and with no time to lose Cassie and Jake jump in his truck to see if Lucy can help them unlock the medallion’s powers. Right after agreeing to help them, Dawn walks in and threatens Lucy into helping her find another crystal.

Meanwhile Diana has helped Adam’s dad, Ethan, throw a magnificent birthday party at the bar, and Faye and Melissa are having a better time than most after taking the magical drug Devil’s Spirit – in fact, they like it so much they call Caleb for more, and he has eyes only for Melissa, who looks like she’s hooked on the drug after one night. Diana gives a tearful speech about how much Adam means to her, it almost looks like they might still be in love! Discovering her medallion has been hijacked, Cassie comes to the party to find the only person who would take it, Adam. He’s worried that she’s getting too wrapped up in dark magic and needs to be careful of Jake, but reluctantly returns her father’s medallion.


Lucy goes to Dawn’s house, but instead of leading her to more crystals, she stabs her with a dagger. It’s revealed that she’s been working with the witch hunters this whole time! She then heads off to meet the circle.

Believing Lucy’s advice, Cassie convinces the whole circle that they need to perform a spell to unlock its power. They all meet with Lucy, but realize once they start the spell that the medallion is actually sucking their powers away. Cassie remember the words her father used to unleash the medallion’s power from her trip to Jake’s memory, and turns the spell around to nearly set Lucy on fire, demanding to know if her father is alive. Lucy says that he is alive, and promises to leave town, only to be killed when she reports to a witch hunter.

Charles discovers Dawn, and brings her back to life with the crystal, having stolen it back from Ethan after drugging him. No longer trusting Jake because of his dark past, Cassie turns from him, but he isn’t alone long – soon he and his ex Faye are locking lips!

Have Your Say

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