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Gossip Girl: Season 5, Episode 14 :: The Backup Dan

Feb 07, 2012

This week on Gossip Girl (Season 5, Episode 14), Blair’s attempt to escape Prince Louis backfires when she realizes that her freedom comes at a price. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “The Backup Dan” which aired on February 6, 2012, to discover what you missed.

A Failed Escape

After Prince Louis threatened to make their marriage miserable, Blair escaped with Dan to the airport. She plans to fly to the Dominican Republic in the hopes of getting a divorce. But when Prince Louis uses the press to report Blair as a missing person, her secret getaway becomes too public.

An Outrageous Dowry

Louis’s mother reminds Blair’s mother that if Blair tries to back out of the marriage, they will be forced to pay a dowry to the royal family - a dowry so large that Blair’s mom will have to sell her business. Blair decides to suck it up and endure Louis’s wrath to keep her family in the money.

The Real Charlie Rhodes

Nate is interested in one of the wedding caterers. But when she openly lies to him, he begins treading lightly. Little does he know that she is Serena’s cousin - the real Charlie Rhodes.

Who is Gossip Girl?

Meanwhile, we learn that Georgina isn’t Gossip Girl after all. She’s merely filling in for the real Gossip Girl, who became MIA after Blair and Chuck’s accident.

Gossip Girl Fashion

In this episode, Blair wears what is probably the least expensive outfit we’ve ever seen: a New York t-shirt and hoodie, designed for tourists on a budget!

Gossip Girl: Season 5, Episode 14 :: The Backup DanCourtesy of the CW

While searching for the missing bride, Serena covers her Vera Wang Farrah gown with a Burberry London Lace trench coat.

Gossip Girl: Season 5, Episode 14 :: The Backup DanCourtesy of the CW

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