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American Idol: Season 11, Week 4 :: Hollywood Round 1 & 2

Feb 09, 2012

This week on American Idol (Season 11, Week 4), Hollywood week begins and the judges must separate the good from the great. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “Hollywood Round 1,” which aired on February 8, 2012, to discover what you missed.

The Great

As Hollywood week begins, the judges face some tough decisions. By the end of the week, half of the talented contestants must wave goodbye to their hope of becoming the next American Idol. Most of those who shined in their hometown auditions prove that they earned their golden tickets. Among them, is Johnny Keyser, Jen Hirsh, Lauren Gray, David Leathers Jr., and the unassuming and unconfident Heejun Han.

The Not-So-Great

However, not everyone made it through to week 2. The judges said goodbye to Jane Carrey - Jim Carrey’s daughter - along with returning contestant Travis Orlando, and Ramiro Garcia, who was born without ears. Adding a little drama in the final minutes of the show was Symone Black who performs and then passes out, falling off stage in the process.

Group Round

Thursday night, the dreaded group round began. Contestants divided into groups of 4 or 5, which wasn't easy for some. While certain people struggled to find a group, others struggled to get along.  It didn't help that an Idol bug was picking contestants off by flies. The entire hour was nothing but illness and drama, ending right before the morning group performances began.

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