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Pretty Little Liars: Season 2, Episode 25:: “unmAsked”

Mar 20, 2012

This week on Pretty Little Liars (Season 2, Episode 25) the girls finally discover the identity of “A” after being lured to a masquerade party in the second season finale. Read the Kidzworld Recap of “unMasked” which aired March 19, 2012 to discover what you missed!

The Lost Woods Resort

Moving at a breakneck pace, the second season finale of PLL took twists and turns and entered the realm of Psycho-scariness! At the close of last week Officer Garrett was hauled off to jail once the missing piece of the autopsy report surfaced, and Melissa comes to warn the girls to let things drop, however they can’t because “A” sends them all invites to a masquerade. Mona tries to get them all to go pick up dresses with her, but the girls have other things on their minds.

Determined to get to the bottom of things and discover A’s identity before the end of the masquerade, the girls comb through Allison’s bag again and discover that she went to the Lost Woods Motel. They drive to the creepy off-the-highway place only to discover that Allison checked in at least twice. Emily gets a call from Maya but there’s no reception and the call is dropped.


The next day Spencer has a tearful encounter with Toby, and afterward we see him call Dr. Sullivan! The girls put on their finest gear and head to the ball where both Hanna and Aria encounter their very own Prince Charmings – Caleb and Ezra show up in a heart-melting romantic gesture to dance with their girls (Caleb is dressed as Romeo to Hanna's Juliet!). Emily and Paige sit down to talk about being friends, even though Paige still has a crush on her. Spencer and Mona talk about the last time Mona saw Allison and realizes that she was at the Lost Woods Motel to spy on A. She and Mona head back to the hotel, steal the key to Room 2, which was missing before, and walk into A’s lair. It’s plastered with news clippings, plans – even a design for A's costume! Spencer calls the girls to let them know to look out for a Black Swan costume. As Spencer looks through the things she begins to realize that all the clues are pointing toward Mona, and Mona returns from the car in a black hoodie and knocks Spencer unconscious.

Mon -“A”

When Spencer wakes up, Mona, or should we say A, is tearing down a curving highway at a crazy speed, and tells Spencer that she’s not the only genius in the car, and that she can join “Team A” or disappear! Spencer discreetly answers a call from Hanna and the girls see that Mona is driving her to Lookout Point and the girls race over and stop the car just as Spencer pulls the emergency break and escapes. Mona chases Spencer out of the car and falls over a cliff edge trying to tackle Spencer, but turns out to be alive once the authorities arrive and is dragged off to a mental facility where its explained that she has a genius I.Q.. and strong personality disorder, allowing her to seem as if she was everywhere and enact all her ruthless complicated plans. After being tormented by Allison she was happy to gain Hanna as a bestie, but things turned sour once the body was discovered and the crew reunited. Dr. Sullivan tells the girls that Toby convinced her to come back even though A threatened her son, and Toby tells Spencer that pretending to hate her had been the hardest thing he’s ever had to do.

At the end of the episode we hear Mona say to herself that this was exactly what “they” wanted, and someone in a red coat comes to visit her to whom she says “I did everything you wanted!” The girls decide to crash at Emily’s together, but on their way there come across ambulances at the house – Maya has been found dead.

Have Your Say!

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