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Titanic 3-D Movie Review

Reviewed by on Apr 05, 2012
Rating: 4 Star Rating

You probably have seen the Oscar-winning action/romance Titanic (1997) on either old videotape or on DVD but Kidzworld has just seen it (again) on a big screen in awesome 3-D!

By: Lynn Barker

The Beginning

100-year-old Rose Calvert (Gloria Stuart), a survivor of the sinking of the giant luxury steamship Titanic, tells her story to men seeking treasure on the sunken wreck. In 1912, upper-crusty 17-year-old socialite Rose Dewitt-Bukater (Kate Winslet) is unhappily engaged to steel heir Cal Hockley (Billy Zane), a cold control freak. They board the brand new Titanic headed from Southampton back to the states where they will announce their engagement.

The TitanicThe Titanic

Lovers Meet

Also on board, in 3rd class, is handsome young, artistic drifter Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) also headed home. When Rose and Jack lock eyes, it’s magic….forbidden magic. Unable to take Cal’s controlling b.s. any longer, Rose rushes to the back of the ship to jump to her death. Jack convinces her not to.  As Rose and Jack’s attraction grows, Cal and his henchman notice and do everything they can to stop it.

The Frame

Rose rebels totally and she and Jack run all over the ship to escape Cal’s henchman, stopping in the lower cargo hold to make love in a car stored there. When Cal finds Jack’s beautiful nude drawing of Rose, he flips out and frames Jack for stealing “The Heart of the Ocean” a priceless, giant, blue-diamond necklace he has gifted Rose, from his bedroom safe. 

The Iceberg

Having struck an iceberg that has ripped a long scar under the Titanic’s waterline, the ship starts to sink. Jack is locked in the ship’s jail below the waterline and Rose refuses to board a lifeboat until she saves him. It’s an exciting race against time for the young lovers as they struggle to survive the sinking.

The Ending

100-year-old Rose finishes her story. On the research ship anchored above the wreck of Titanic, Rose, who actually has the long-missing diamond, throws it overboard and quietly dies in her sleep, finally joining her beloved Jack in the afterlife.

Wrapping Up

On this April’s 100th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the giant luxury ship (over 1,500 people drowned), it is fitting that this story again is shown on a giant screen where it belongs. Director James Cameron did his research well and much of the known truth of the sinking is in the film but it is the love story that captivates audiences.

Young, gorgeous Leo DiCaprio will capture your heart and Kate does a marvelous job as Rose, a strong, independent teen woman living in a time in which women were supposed to shut up and obey men.

Although it makes the film look darker, the added 3-D is subtle but really effective, especially evident when the camera is underwater or at water level and, remember that cool scene where Jack and Rose are standing on the railing feeling as if they are “flying”? Wow! In 3-D it is a loooong way down to the water below. Rather than sticking things in your face, Cameron’s 3-D sucks you into the scenes with great depth. Those long, water-filling ship’s corridors look extra long and the ship’s sinking is even more exciting and scary. Close-ups of Rose and Jack in the water are also especially good in 3-D.  

Both girls and guys can get into Titanic. It’s not just a mushy love story. It has tons of action, heroism and is also a portrait of a time in which arrogant humans thought that their machines were more powerful than any God or natural element. This one can’t be beat. The 3-D conversion does make the movie look a bit too dim at times but will add to your enjoyment. Four out of five stars.

Titanic-3D Movie Rating: 4