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Demi Lovato and Britney Spears Talk X-Factor

Jul 30, 2013

By: Lynn Barker

Recently, pop singers Demi Lovato and Britney Spears told TV critics and reporters about plans for the Fall season of the show now shooting the final “boot camp” rounds in Florida.

“X-Factor” is aiming for a younger feel and these girls seem a fun choice. Whether you are fans or not, the Demi/Britney team will be spicy and outspoken for sure and L.A. Reid will bring the maturity. This could result in a feisty show this coming season.

Simon Cowell says that Britney and Demi bring different things to the show. “I always said the number one person I always wanted on one of these shows was Britney because I was fascinated with her as a person and a pop star. You see another side of her and she’s a really, really good judge. Demi is a brat but there is something really likeable about her as well. We needed someone a bit younger for the people who watch the show. That’s what they both bring”.

Q: Britney, what made you want to be a judge on “X-Factor”?

  • Britney:  Well, actually, I’ve seen the show a couple of times, and I was such a fan of the show. My makeup artist was the makeup artist for Simon (Cowell). We talked about it a couple of times when I was on tour, but I really never took it seriously until she went back and started working for him, and then we just all met up, and it made sense. I adore Simon, and it was something I really wanted to do.

Q: Why do this at this time in your career?

  • Britney: Well, as I’ve done eight tours, and I’ve been in the music industry for a while, I just really feel like being able to be on a show where you can give back and help people achieve their dream is just really interesting to me. It’s different from anything I’ve ever done. And I love the show.

Q: What other reality shows, competition shows have you guys watched and enjoyed?

  • Britney: I agree “American Idol”
  • Demi: I really enjoyed it and I can’t believe that I’m sitting here.  I always wanted to audition for that show but the limit then was 16. I turned 19 and here I am sitting on the panel. Never thought I’d be doing this. It’s such an honor.
    Demi and BritneyDemi and Britney

Q: What has your experience been with the show so far?

  • Britney: I fell like being with Simon and L.A. and Demi, just the package of us together makes it so fun to do the show.

Q: Simon says you are “quite mean”.

  • Demi: I think she’s tough. She’s not mean. She’s a sweetheart who is very honest.

Q: Britney, so you are both tough and fair. What is that based on?

  • Britney: I think it’s kind of just based on who I am and my personality, and in everyday life, I’m just a very honest person.  I’m actually a huge fan of hip hop. I like hip hop music. I love rap. I don’t know the proper way to rap. I don’t rap but I appreciate it, and I like it. I like cabaret music as well. I love live music. I love bands, and so…

Q: Demi, you are young and you are a judge. What kind of experience do you bring to the table?

  • Demi: You know, I think that the expertise that I’m able to contribute is I’m listening to the radio right now, and I know a lot of what my friends like. We’re in our early 20s and late teens, and it’s a really interesting thing when you bring a much younger demographic into the competition. We’re all really great judges. But I think we know what is needed in this industry, what it’s missing.

L.A. Reid, Demi, Simon and Britney at Fox press dayL.A. Reid, Demi, Simon and Britney at Fox press day

Q: Good point. Britney, let’s go really retro. You are now in Miami for “X-Factor” boot camp. How does that compare to your young days at Mouseketeer boot camp?

  • Britney: It’s quite similar in the fact that we did have a big call for all of us together. We got in line, and we each auditioned. I actually didn’t get to see the other auditions, but we went in individually, and it was a lot of fun. But I think this is a little bit more upscale.

Q: These shows let the audience get to know the judges quite well. Britney how has the show been good for you and affected you?

  • Britney: Well, I think this show has been really good for me to do because I’ve been able to help this talent come in and achieve their dream, and I can relate to them on such a level because I started out at such a young age. I know the foundation and the depth of what you go through toward achieving your dream and doing this. So being able to do this has been, if anything, a great, great experience for me.

Q: Last season a contestant sang one of Demi’s songs and L.A. Reid wasn’t familiar with it. Demi, have you gotten even with him or made sure he knows your music? He said it was an “old person’s” song. 

  • Demi: I definitely haven’t let him live that down. I remember being on my tour bus watching “The X-Factor” when that happened, and I was like, “Oh, no, he did not.” And then I was like, “okay, suddenly I’m 40?” It was pretty amazing. There were two songwriters on it, and one was in her 20s so….

Q: Demi, you took a career break. Fame can be a pretty crushing experience. Do you worry a bit about these contestants and the fame ride that they might take?

  • Demi: My little sister is in the industry, and I worry about her all the time, but she’s doing great. And I think that you can’t prevent anyone from going down the wrong road. If they’re going to have an eating disorder, they’re going to have an eating disorder. I don’t really think fame has a lot to do with it. I think it adds some pressure and sometimes it makes the problem a little bit worse. But for me, I had been struggling with those issues beforehand, and unless you’re in a good place when you start working, I think that it’s kind of inevitable for these things to happen.

Demi and Britney at press opDemi and Britney at press op

Q: When you guys were coming up, you went through lots of auditions, lots of people critiquing you. What was the most piercing or harsh criticism that you guys ever received? Did it help you at the time, or did it just hurt you?

  • Demi: I think that any bit of criticism when you’re growing up hurts you, especially when I was entering the industry. I was very young, and I was auditioning for things, and when I wouldn’t book them, of course it would hurt me.  I don’t really remember specific criticism because I just wanted to take it and learn from it and go. So I think anytime that you’re rejected in an audition, it definitely hurts you a little bit, but that’s what the industry is like. You’ve just got to keep going and persevering.
  • Britney: I’d have to agree with Demi. I think in this industry, there’s so many auditions that you go on, and there’s so many that you don’t get, and there’s some that you do get. It’s just the way of the industry, and you just have to learn from it.