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CJ Adams is Magical Timothy Green

Nov 07, 2012

By: Lynn Barker

Disney’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green, one of the year’s most uplifting and enchanting family films, springs up on to Blu-ray™ and DVD on December 4, 2012. It’s the perfect, must-own family-film for audiences of all ages to enjoy and snuggle up to this coming holiday season.

12-year-old CJ Adams (the “C” is for Cameron) got his acting start playing Steve Carrell’s nephew in the movie Dan in Real Life when he was only six. We sat down at a posh hotel near Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to find out how CJ enjoyed pretending he couldn’t play soccer (he’s actually very good at it), what it was like having cool Jennifer Garner (13 Going on 30) play his mom and just how hard it was to be covered in mud and have water thrown on him in 30 degree weather!

Kidzworld: What did you think when you were told that you could audition for a movie where you’d play a boy who just magically grew out of the garden? 

  • CJ: When I first heard it, I knew the kid was special because he grew out of the garden. Me and my mom read the script and he had all this personality and I was like “That IS me right there!” So, we tried out for it. I felt really strong about it. I didn’t think he was weird or anything, just special.

Kidzworld: The mom and dad in the movie write down a wish list of qualities for a kid who would be perfect for them.  If you could make a list of wanted qualities in a mom and dad, what would they be?

  • CJ: Honest to a fault, always have your back, loving and not perfect parents that don't give you everything you want but just enough to make you happy and to be lovable. That’s my wish.
    CJ Adams at our interviewCJ Adams at our interview

Kidzworld: Pretty cool list. So if you were going to explain where Timothy comes from and why to a friend your age, what would you say? He’s magical or he’s from God or he’s from Mother Nature?

  • CJ: I think Timothy is a gift from God sent down to teach (parents) Jim and Cindy that they can love anyone whether he’s adopted or not, you can still love that child.

Kidzworld: The first time we see you, you are covered in mud. How icky was that and what was it really made of?

  • CJ: It wasn’t mud but they said it was “clean dirt”. We filmed in like a 32 degree garage and when it dried up, they had to keep it moist so they’d spray me with water. Aaaaaa, it’s so cold!!

Kidzworld: How was having a pretty hot older actress (15) Odeya Rush play your friend Joni in the movie? Was she really nice?

  • CJ: Yeah, she was a really good friend on the set. During the Superbowl, she and her family and my family all went to a restaurant and watched it.

Kidzworld: How fun was riding the bike with Odeya? You are all cramped up in front of her. Was that really uncomfortable?

CJ at the film's premiereCJ at the film's premiere
  • CJ: The seat was the widest thing ever so I had some space and I’d hold on to the bar and just chill. I don’t think we ever fell over.

Kidzworld: Did you get to do anything else fun off set?

  • CJ: I wish but off set I would be doing school.

Kidzworld: Since you really do play soccer, how crazy was it to have to pretend you were tripping over the ball and weren’t very good at it at first? Was that frustrating or just fun?

  • CJ: I thought back to the beginning of everything because, in order to learn, you have to have mistakes so I thought of those mistakes and I always remembered that if I messed up on a ball my foot would roll over so I thought, if I roll it over, I’ll trip on it and fall down. It worked.

Kidzworld: How was having Jennifer Garner as your mom?

  • CJ: She made me feel really comfortable acting. We’d do the lines and she’d do them perfect then I’d be like, “Oh, okay I feel comfortable. There’s nothing to be afraid of”, then I’d remember my lines.

Kidzworld: What was your favorite scene?

The movie posterThe movie poster
  • CJ: Probably my underwater scene (he stays at the bottom of a pool) because I learned how to scuba dive. For hours on end we’d have to sit underwater and breathe a little bit (on a scuba tank), then give the guy the driving gear, then do the scene and, they’d give me more air. Sometimes, I’d forget that I could get air so I’d swim up to the surface to get it. Where did he go?

Kidzworld: Who was the jokester on the set?

  • CJ: That was Joel Edgerton (who plays CJ’s dad in the movie). There was one scene where he would do a long monologue. It was getting late and we were tired. He would make me laugh. Instead of doing the lines about all the things that I (Timothy) wanted to build, he’d say it was all the things I wanted to burn down with fireworks. Everyone started laughing on set.

Kidzworld: You’ve worked once before when you were only six with the same director (Peter Hedges in the Steve Carell movie Dan in Real Life). So, now that you are older, did you get to suggest things for your character Timothy to do?

  • CJ: Every once in a while I’d say “I’m not feeling so good about that. What if I did it like this?” and he’d be like “Oh, yeah. maybe we should try that” and a couple of times, (what I suggested) got in there.

Kidzworld: When you grow up do you want to write and direct movies?

  • CJ: Yeah, that and helping others is probably my main move. I like movies so far, I’m thinking I might stick with that.

Kidzworld: What is a book you’ve read lately that you really like?

  • CJ: I’ve been reading the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and I love it. It’s so adventurous.

Kidzworld: What music artists or bands are you into?

  • CJ: I don’t have a special band but I like pop a lot and the latest music on the radio.

Kidzworld: Do you have a favorite subject in school?

  • CJ: What I like the most to study is math and science then Physical Education because I like running around.
    CJ as Timothy with dad Joel EdgertonCJ as Timothy with dad Joel Edgerton

Kidzworld: Do you want to play a superhero someday? If so, which one?

  • CJ: Yes! Captain America!

Kidzworld: Well, I think Chris Evans has the lock on that one right now.

  • CJ: Young Captain America?

Kidzworld: Sounds good. Who would you love to costar with some day?

  • CJ: Probably a guy. I like Ironman so Robert Downey Jr.

Kidzworld: What advice would you give to kids your age who might want to be actors?

  • CJ: I would say, when you get a part, just think about that character, read it over and understand the part. Once you understand it, you can act it out. Act as if you were that person.

Kidzworld: Why would tweens and teens enjoy seeing The Odd Life of Timothy Green?

  • CJ: They’ll like it because it’s an all-family movie whether you are 1 or 100, anyone would love the movie. It’s life-changing. 

The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer