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Skyfall Movie Review

Reviewed by on Nov 09, 2012
Rating: 4 Star Rating

It’s Bond, James Bond. He’s back in cool action and Kidzworld gives you the deets on Skyfall!

By: Lynn Barker

(NOTE: This movie is rated PG-13 and we feel that it is suitable only for our visitors age 13 and up). Poor secret agent James Bond (Daniel Craig). He is fighting a terrorist (Javier Bardem at his creepiest), trying to protect his icy lady boss M (Judy Dench) and he’s even forced to face his own sad past. Is romancing hot babes in romantic locales worth it?

Trouble on a Train

On a mission in Istanbul, Turkey to make sure bad guys don’t get a list of undercover good guy agents, Bond ends up atop a train, which he boards in a super cool, impossible action manner. He and the bad guy struggle and pretty agent Eve (Naomie Harris of Pirates of the Caribbean) has to take a shot from afar. Whoops! She hits Bond!

Bond with the classic Aston Martin carBond with the classic Aston Martin car

Is It Curtains for Bond?

Bond is considered lost in action. Meanwhile, head of the U.K. spy shop MI6, M becomes the target of Silva (Javier Bardem) a terrorist assassin who has gotten his hands on that list and threatens to “out” the agents’ real identities, five at a time on the internet ending his killing spree with M. You see, he was once an agent like Bond and he blames M for his capture and torture.  We see that Bond is alive, out of shape, hurting and had rather lay low than go back to work.  

Javier Bardem as weird villain SilvaJavier Bardem as weird villain Silva

Return to Action

Bond returns to help despite injuries and both mental and physical exhaustion. He is given some very old-school basic equipment by the new, young and nerdy cute “Q” (stands for Quartermaster, played by Ben Whishaw). Bond chases Silva to other exotic locales, meets one of Silva’s “girls”, also a captive and, face to face, learns just how sick and twisted this dude really is as Silva crashes a train in the London subway and blows up MI6 headquarters! M, out at a conference with her new boss played by Ralph Fiennes, escapes injury.

Ben Wishaw as QBen Wishaw as Q

Saving M

Realizing that he will have to lure the sick yet crafty and smart Silva out of town, Bond revs up a very old Bond movie car with some cool attachments and drives M to safety at his posh but in ruins family estate in Scotland called… are you ready? Skyfall. There Bond, M and a cool old family caretaker (played by classic actor Albert Finney) make a stand against the evil Silva. Can they all survive? 

Judy Dench as Bond's boss MJudy Dench as Bond's boss M

Wrapping Up

James Bond movies have been around since your grandma’s day. Skyfall is the 23rd Bond film and the third starring the blonde Bond, hunky Daniel Craig and it’s one of the best!   This movie poses the question: is old-school secret agent spying even relevant or needed in our high tech world? Yes! Saving the world from terrorists and other nutjobs is still a human task.

Naomie Harris as agent EveNaomie Harris as agent Eve

We get to see the usually icy Bond be vulnerable both physically and certainly emotionally as he is forced to decide if he’ll continue in the spy biz and has to face part of his sad past.  Good action movies are character-driven. Cool guns and effects don’t mean a thing if we don’t care about the characters.  You care about M, certainly as the great Judy Dench plays her and, above all, about Bond. You even feel a teeny bit sorry for the arch villain Silva all while watching cool chases and stunts in extreme locales. What’s not to like? Adele even wrote and sings a great opening credits theme song! 

Adele sings the theme song!Adele sings the theme song!

The film is loaded with tributes to the old movies, some of which you might have seen on video. Bond’s original gun, his original car (an old British Aston Martin with ejector seat and machine gun headlights) are included as well as the classic Bond theme and more surprises. If you’ve never seen a Bond movie, you will still get into the action and story but be warned! There are intense scenes in the film that just aren’t appropriate for kids under 13.

Bond, James Bond (Daniel Craig)Bond, James Bond (Daniel Craig)

For presenting a more “human” Bond, great acting all around and a load of cool stunts… 4 out of 5 stars.

Skyfall Movie Review: 4