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The Vampire Diaries: Season 4, Episode 10 :: After School Session

Jan 18, 2013

This week on The Vampire Diaries, Rebekah takes Elena hostage. See what you missed on Kidzworld’s recap of “After School Session”, which aired January 17, 2013.

It’s a new year and everyone in Mystic Falls is a mess. Tyler can’t handle the reality of his mother’s death, and Stefan is depressed that Elena and Damon hooked up.


Early in the episode we discover April and Rebekah are in cahoots, and they trick Elena into being vulnerable. Rebekah knocks her out and she wakes up in the library at school. Elena tries to warn April about Rebekah, but it seems like she already knows all about her. Rebekah keeps Elena locked in the school and tells Stefan and Caroline she is being held hostage. She will only let Elena go if they tell her about the vampire cure. They tell her what they know, but then Rebekah calls Tyler and tells him Caroline is being held hostage too.

Rebekah and Kol lure Professor Shane over to the school, since he is the only one who can lead her to the cure. He confesses that the only reason he will take her to the cure is because he wants Silas, the first immortal, who happens to be imprisoned with it. Shane is working on getting the spell that will awaken him.

In Training

Damon and Matt are still working on keeping Jeremy in control and helping him build up his skill as a hunter. Klaus pays them a little visit and wants to know more details about how many vampires Jeremy has killed so far.  He is disappointed that Jeremy hasn’t killed more. Klaus decides he will take things into his own hands. He kills a ton of townspeople and turns them into vampires, presumably for Jeremy to kill. Will he do it next week?

Love Birds

Vampire Diaries didn’t forget about the Stefan/Elena/Damon storyline either. While being held hostage, Stefan and Elena are forced into a game of truth or dare. Elena confesses that she still loves Stefan, but isn’t in love with him, and says he makes her feel like a broken toy. She calls Damon and tells him she is in love with him, and it isn’t because of the sire bond.

Have Your Say

Will Damon and Elena have  real relationship? Why does Shane want Silas? Let us know what you think!