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Warm Bodies Movie Review

Reviewed by on Jan 31, 2013
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Kidzworld checks out “Warm Bodies”, the fun zombie-in-love movie based on the popular novel

By: Lynn Barker

So sad. He’s a young guy, hoping to meet the right girl but then, he’s the “undead”, a brain-munching zombie who can’t believe he has “feelings” for a human. Eureka! She loves him too! Now what?

R (Nick Hoult) protects Julie (Teresa Palmer)R (Nick Hoult) protects Julie (Teresa Palmer)

The Airport Lair

“R” (Nicholas Hoult) is a frustrated 20-something zombie who is a little more “aware” than his cohorts who stumble around a deserted airport after the apocalypse.  “R” knows he’s lonely. He “lives” inside a deserted 737 where he listens to old records and yearns for a better future than munching brains and one day becoming a “Boney”, a scary, more advanced zombie; all bone, all appetite. 

On The “Hunt”

Joining the slow-moving pack in search of “food”, “R” and the zombie gang tangle with scavenging humans including Julie (Teresa Palmer). When “R” kills Julie’s boyfriend Perry (Dave Franco) and munches his brains, “R” also gets the guy’s memories of love and lust with Julie.

Zombie R in search of brainsZombie R in search of brains

Saving Julie

With Perry’s love memories, “R” starts to change. He connects with Julie and saves her from the other zombies, hiding her in his plane lair where he plays cool ‘80’s records for her, gets her food and continues to gradually seem more human. Is saving Julie, saving himself?

On the Run

For a while, Julie can fake being a zombie but soon both the “normal” zombies and the scary Boneys are chasing “R” and Julie. “R”’s zombie friend “M” (Rob Corddry) helps them escape. Julie hopes to take “R” to her dad (John Malkovich) the general of the walled-in survivalist camp where she lives, and prove to him that the zombies can change back. “R”’s heart starts to beat again.

Julie Leaves “R” Follows

Realizing convincing dad is probably hopeless, Julie ditches “R” and goes home. He’s shattered and his buddy “M” tells him that he too is regaining his human feelings and memories. Finding out that an army of Boneys are headed to attack the humans, “R” sneaks into their stronghold and, like Romeo courting Juliet, stands below her balcony. Her BFF Nora (Analeigh Tipton) thinks he’s cute in a creepy way. To the tune of “Pretty Woman”, the girls put make-up on “R” so he can pass for human.

R passes for humanR passes for human

Final Battle

Dad is having trouble believing that zombies are curing themselves but when a huge herd of “cured” zombies gather to help fight the attacking Boneys alongside humans, it’s easier to grasp. None-the-less, dad shoots “R” but when he bleeds, the militant leader finally knows the cure is true. Will the good guys win? Will the wall come down? Will humans accept X-zombies?

The zombie gang on the prowlThe zombie gang on the prowl

Wrapping Up

Whether you read the popular novel or not, you’ll enjoy this darkly funny and romantic movie. It’s a great twist on the Romeo and Juliet tale and has wonderful “heart”. Love and connecting to others is what makes us all human and you’ll enjoy watching “R” fall in love and seeing he his buddies regain their souls and lives.  

Nick Hoult at the premiereNick Hoult at the premiere

The film also boasts some cool special effects, creepy villains in the “Boneys” and some fun battle action. The music, packed with mostly ‘80’s classics, is great and sooo appropriate to what is going on on screen. The dialogue is clever, witty, with-it and just fun.

Nick Hoult deserves props for his difficult portrayal of the various degrees of humanity that “R” goes through.  Teresa Palmer makes a warm and feisty heroine and you can count on Rob Corddry and funny Analeigh Tipton for some cool and hilarious zingers. What’s not to like? We’re going 5 stars!

Warm Bodies Movie Rating: 5

A poster for the movieA poster for the movie