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The Croods Movie Review

Reviewed by on Mar 23, 2013
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld checks review The Croods, a tale about a family of cavemen who are trying to escape the end of the world.

The Croods FamilyThe Croods FamilyCourtesy of DreamWorks

The New Guy

As the last prehistoric cave dwellers (or so they think) to survive the end of the world, Grug Crood and his family hide out in caves hoping to survive. But Grug's teenage daughter Eeb isn't satisfied with their lifestyle. After all, they may be surviving, but they're not living. One night, Eeb sneaks out in search of a mysterious light source and meets another human - a boy named Guy. Guy is different from Eeb's family. He wears pants, has a pet sloth, can create fire, and has dreams of following the sun to tomorrow. 

Eeb and GuyEeb and GuyCourtesy of DreamWorks

Dangers and Wonders

As the world collapses around them, the Croods narrowly escape death. They wind up in a colorful land filled with countless unknown dangers, including a hungry sabertooth tiger, kung fu monkeys and a flock of birds that can strip the flesh off a massive creature in seconds. When Guy rescues them from the birds, the Croods decide to follow him on his journey, much to Grug's reluctance. Grug has always been his family's protector, and now a young boy with worldly knowledge is taking his place. On their quest for tomorrow, Guy and the Croods experience many trials and witness many new wonders.

Guy's Pet Sloth, BeltGuy's Pet Sloth, BeltCourtesy of DreamWorks

Gran, Thunk, Ugga and SandyGran, Thunk, Ugga and SandyCourtesy of DreamWorks

The Bottom Line

The Croods gives viewers an animated glimpse of prehistoric times using beautiful 3-D animation, not all of which is historically accurate. The film boasts a very famous cast including Emma Stone as Eeb, Ryan Reynolds as Guy, and Nicholas Cage as Grug. The Croods is a great film, and we recommend it for family movie night!

Thunk, Guy, Eeb and GranThunk, Guy, Eeb and GranCourtesy of DreamWorks

The Croods Movie Rating: 4

The Croods Movie ReviewCourtesy of DreamWorks
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