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2013 World Cup Sevens

Jun 27, 2013

The 2013 Rugby World Cup is ready for action in Moscow, Russia on June 28-30. Both the men and women will be playing at the same time on the same days at the same field for an all-out Rugby Marathon known as "Sevens" where teams only play with 7 players aside instead of the traditional 15 players aside. Whatever the numbers are, one thing is for certain... there is going to be a lot of scrums in Moscow.

Rugby is generally a strategical team sport. One day, someone had the idea that with less players on the field, there was a lot more action for the individuals and much more exciting for the fans... so they cut the numbers of players in half and "Sevens" World Cup was born. There is a lot more running so they make the field smaller. 

2009 Women Rugby2009 Women RugbyCourtesy of the Rugby Union

Sevens rugby was invented in Scotland in the late 1900s. The game was invented with half the amount of players of a real rugby game. Playing with only 7 players aside really helped open up the game and allowed the players to run with the ball more. It also became more exciting for the fans. 

Women vs Men

There are 24 teams in the men's division and 16 women's teams lined up to collide for their National Pride in Moscow. Because the whole tournament is only 3 days long, the players will go through grueling days of up to 3 games in one day. Whatever the numbers are, there is going to be a lot of rugby action this weekend. What a great way to celebrate the end of school... watch some rugby and get inspired to play some sports this summer!

Wales won the 2009 World Cup Sevens while Australia took home the Gold Medal in the women's side. New Zealand is usually the favorite because they are so scary. New Zealand has dominated the sport of Rugby more than any other Nation. What the heck is their secret? They do have a cool war dance that is very intimdating. Every player must dance the All Blacks Dance before every game.

New Zealand War DanceNew Zealand War DanceCourtesy of the Rugby Union

Fake Football

Rugby is not very popular in North America, however the rest of the World loves rugby. It's hard to believe that Americans don't enjoy watching rugby considering how similar it is to NFL football. If you think rugby is very boring, you should consider watching "Sevens" because it will be full of breaking tackles and lots of great runs.

Wales FansWales FansCourtesy of the Rugby Union

Players to Watch

If you're planning on watching some rugby at this Rugby World Cup, you should check out a few players and their tremendous sporting abilities. Here is a quick list of some of the greatest players in the game... women and men!

  • Vasily Artemyev - Russia
  • Carlin Isles  - USA
  • Bernard Foley
  • Patricia Garcia - Spain
  • Baizat Khamidova - Russia
  • Jen Kish - Canada

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